SSL Certificate problem


I am new to MWS i got the coding from the MWS developer service. the response i got is “SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate”. How to resolve this issue can anyone help me on this


Are you coding your own client? Did you try the provided clients? They handle everything for me… in PHP at least.


i got the sample code from the amazon MWS library only. do u have any sample code??


I believe this has been address before if you search the forum … and recently.


I was stuck on this issue and took me a day to resolve it. Here is what I found:

This link addressed the problem and has a solution for sellers:

Basically, you can either:


    (which I am not sure is the best way to go due to security risk)


  2. download the latest cacert.pem ( bundle from the below and add to your php.ini configuration to tell the client to use this new bundle


    But I was still getting the error with the new bundle. So I found downloaded AWS SDK for PHP and used the cacert.pem bundled from there.

    That did the trick for me. Hope this might help someone out there.

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