Sports Collectibles Category Changes


This change will impact all Sports Collectible products, except for a few select trading card categories (for example: factory sealed boxes, packs).


For what it is worth I have on occasion noticed that several of my items have gone from:

“Collectibles & Fine Art > Sports”


"Sports & Outdoors > Fan Shop "

The Fan Shop might be expanded by Amazon to keep some of the listings that would otherwise be deleted without authentication. Sports & Outdoors used to be where all the baseball cards and memorabilia were listed before Amazon created the Sports Collectibles category.


This may be the case, but then why in their announcement, does Amazon not just explain that “Collectable” are being held to a higher standard, and if you have an item that does not conform, please convert your listing to “Fan Shop” category.

If that is what they intend, why not say it?


Not to mention that one of the companies that they listed as a third party authenticators is BCCG. Do they even accept cards under this arm of Beckett any longer?

Why only PSA, BGS and SGC when there are new companies like HGA and CSG. Also companies like GMA who have really upped their grading game in recent years.

I don’t think Amazon thought this through. Hopefully there’s still time for them to reverse course. (Hold for laughter)


Looking at the fees that we have paid Amazon this year alone on ungraded cards, I have to wonder if they really thought this through. They are throwing out the baby with the bathwater if this is to combat fakes. I can only imagine that once you add up all of the thousands of potential sales for the remaining 2/3 of the year, they will take a noticeable hit in this category. Suspending or banning problematic sellers seems reasonable, setting a dollar limit beyond which all entries must be authenticated seems acceptable, but the blanket banning of all ungraded cards is short sighted and damaging. Customers won’t be able to make the micro transactions that represent the majority of our Amazon sales. Buying a few $.99 cards is a lot easier for the casual buyer to stomach than a single $25+ card. Grading fees, Amazon fees and Shipping fees mean that the minimum purchase to not pay Amazon to give away cards would have to be pretty close to $32


Agreed, their decision is to just get rid of the 98% of us good sellers instead of weeding out the bad, just shut it all down, typical Amazon crap, except since it seems many of us are FINALLY thriving, the misstep on their part will lose them not just all of us but the literally thousands of card customers we deal with. If I figured it up correctly, just in 2020 to the USA I shipped to 57,000 different people and my Canadian Amazon is more popular then the USA so easily 125,000 new, unique customers last year


Bet you are no longer thecardattic, but the thecardiac

I can not imagine what you guys are going though.

I hope Amazon re-examines this new policy.


Beckett discontinued their BCCG service as of June 2020 I believe.

I agree, to limit us to only three grading companies (PSA, BGS, and SGC) when there are other legitimate alternative grading card companies out there is shortsighted.


Also unsure of others but if you have a store, is Amazon giving us a pro rated rent in May since they are shutting us down 8-9 days before the month ends? Maybe a moderator can respond please and thank you


Umm, no chance.


Amazon’s decision to remove all ungraded cards just got a little more unfeasible for us sellers tonight. PSA has suspended its four cheapest submission levels. It now costs $300 to get a card graded through PSA. So unless you have an ungraded trading card that is already worth hundreds if not over a $1,000, it’s not worth sending your cards in to get graded to PSA.

The only other professional grading companies Amazon allows, BGS and SGC, just aren’t as profitable as PSA graded cards. Plus it takes approximately a year to get your cards back from BGS. SGC has quicker turnaround times, but they are far less profitable than PSA or BGS to the point where it’s not worth using SGC unless you have a really expensive card.


I just got some cards that are BVG graded, and their grades are too loose. I’m not sure I feel comfortable selling them at the grades that BVG gave them for fear of getting called a scammer or something.


So is this official since today is the 22nd? I’ve received no other information but sales have completely stopped so I’m guessing its official. The biggest problem is getting a clear explanation.


I have some good news and still no definitive answers

  1. The Sports Collectibles category has a manager for the first time in 4 years.
  2. He is working with developers (I am one) and some sellers through this transition.
  3. He says there will be a communication with instructions in a few days (said yesterday)
  4. In Sports Collectibles Trading Cards the setting for Graded By of Seller will no longer be allowed, but the field will no longer be required.
  5. Sports Memorabilia is still up in the air
  6. We may have to update our listings to remove the word seller, or choose an Authenticated By setting other than seller. This is still up in the air.
    6.Some changes are set to deploy on Friday. After that I personally will be testing making changes to my listings. I will be reporting back to the category manager directly.

It’s not as grim as it seemed originally, at least for everyone.

Stay tuned


That is good news hopefully. Yes, I remember when Amazon had a manager and when they made changes we had our own rep to help with them. You can have authenticated by card company such as topps, panini or upper deck. Now I know that some of those items over the years have turned out to be fakes but PSA and Beckett have made mistakes as well. Thanks for the update. Very much appreciated.


This is encouraging news. I received an email from Amazon today that contained some of the info you posted here.

I’ve already tried to remove “Seller” from the “Grading Provided By” field in a few of my listings but it won’t let me leave it blank. Hopefully they will get that fixed before the May 23rd deadline.

If by any chance the new Sports Collectibles manager is open to additional input from sellers I would love to have the opportunity to share ideas and concerns that could potentially help both Amazon and Amazon sellers in the trading card category. I have 20+ years of buying and selling both graded and ungraded trading cards.

Thank you for the update.


I am having the same problem, not unexpected.


I have been trying as well, and getting the “a value is required error”

Of course as soon as it works everything else will be broken lol

I will pass your message along. He is definitely listening as well as doing.

Not sure what is allowed in here but feel free to look me up and contact me through my selling account


Thank you for your update


You are all most welcome

Still no sign of any changes