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I have several cross necklace listings with sponsored ads that have been suspended for several months. When I first noticed it I contacted seller support and this was the answer I received:

Upon contacting our ad moderation team, they have informed us that from the images, title the product has been identified to be related to the Christian religion which is religion specific and is therefore restricted from Advertising. Products revolving around a specific religion (e.g. cross-stud, crucifix) are restricted. Products such as crucifixes, bibles and products that may or may not promote a specific religion are restricted from being advertised.

The listing says nothing more that “Cross”, no mention of religious or religion in title or description.
There are numerous sponsored ads that contain Cross, religion, religious, prayer etc. There are promotions advertised as well. In addition, albeit not “sponsored ads”, there are “Amazon Collections” prominently displayed when searching “Cross”

Not getting it. Do I need to change my listing title to “Generic Cross” ? Item was a decent seller before suspension.

Amazon blocking religious ads now?

I would think the issue would come up no matter what you call the item because they specifically mention the images as one of the things they consider and the cross shape is associated with Christianity.


We had this conversation on the handmade side about a month ago.

As I posted on the handmade side, the “Christian Religion” is not all that specific.

A list of the 35 largest denominations of the Christian Religion.

Christian - no denomination supplied
Methodist / Wesleyan
Mormon / Latter-Day Saints
Churches of Christ
Congregational/United Church of Christ
Jehovah’s Witness
Assemblies of God
Church of God
Seventh-Day Adventist
Orthodox (Eastern)
Church of the Nazarene
Disciples of Christ
Church of the Brethren
Reformed/Dutch Reform
Apostolic/New Apostolic
Christian Science
Full Gospel
Christian Reform
Independent Christian Church
Foursquare Gospel
Born Again
Salvation Army

Information courtesy The Graduate Center of the City University of New York 2001 survey.


Same problem here, with a rings that engraved Quranic Scripture on them! and they were suspended from advertisement for that!

anyhow, dose restricted from advertisement means i can’t advertise them in Ads or generally can’t sell them on amazon?


While neither of the below prohibitions relates to directly to religious “articles”, it is safe to assume, it is not permitted.

There is an article concerning, “…a gentleman who published an e-book on prayer via Kindle Direct Publishing. But when he signed up to use Amazon’s Marketing Services to run an ad campaign on his book, Amazon denied it, citing their “Creative Acceptance Policy.””

5.0 Prohibited Content > Content prohibited for all ads:


  • Religious advocacy, either advocating or demeaning any religion.
  • Threatening, abusive, or harassing, or content that advocates or discriminates against a protected group (whether based on race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age or any similar or another category).
  • Content that violates our Editorial Guidelines. (Which can mean anything, Amazon doesn’t approve of…)

6.0 Prohibited Products & Services > Products and services that cannot be promoted:


  • Psychics and related content.
  • Religious or spiritual services.

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