Spice Mill Marked as Drug Paraphernalia


What kind of spice are you trying to mill, anyway?


Don’t Get High From Your Own Supply…

I had an agency send me a sample of their photography and copy writing capabilities and the product they were soooooo proud of was a spice grinder listed on AMZ. :man_facepalming:

But seriously…“Frosty the Snowman” looks like he’s trippin. Does it also grind Blue Magic? Asking for a friend.




most people who buy it are not use it for grinding spices.The spice grinder in your picture, the word “Puff” strongly indicates that it’s for smoking purpose.


Thanks Icy Puff for your post, I needed a laugh!


We have replied to this type of thread before commenting on how
we grow a lot of our own “herbs”.

Sage, Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Rosemary etc. are our herbs of choice.

When we need a new grinder we suppose we will just have to purchase
one elsewhere… maybe from Martha Stewart. :sunglasses:

We would have to agree with that but we suppose we could grind
sage with it if we wanted to.

Hundreds of people are killed annually by hammers.

Some would say that those hammers were not being used correctly
of for their intended purpose…

Amazon should ban them too?

Also why does Amazon show up at the top of the list on google when searching “spice grinders”?


“Martha Stewart"This is another fine mess you got me into” !!!


I understand your situation but Amazon is a big company, and very obviously they don’t want to get trouble in legal issues and public reputation. This one size fits all policy makes sellers lose millions of money. I saw some herb grinder listings which have over 100,00 reviews, now they are gone.


Aside: my friend immediately said the same thing about the delivery service “GoPuff”… which was then, IIRC, bought by Chase Bank, lol; so maybe Amazon is just ahead-of, behind-of the curve in this instance…


Being we have been around for a while…
“Puff” always brings up memories of “Puff The Magic Dragon”.

It’s a song, as many of you know, that they had us memorize
and sing in elementary school.

Who says the schools are not indoctrinating the kids… :dragon_face:


Not sure if serious or just trolling…


Beating head against wall…wondering why? One reason, I am ole school hippie and I just tear it apart with my fingers or if I am feeling lazy use a small pair of scissors. Just more not needed garbage.


Simple answer is most likely $$$$$. They likely spend millions upon millions to generate search results on almost every item in their mess of a catalog, which explains these:

Condoms? Second (shocking).

Shells (very generic term) First

Dildos (somehow seems fitting some days) First

And, now many airframes are on here? Under Air Frame FIRST of course!!

Their site is so pervasive, quite similar to black mold in many ways, that you can run, you can hide, BUT you simply will NOT get away from their site on “results” no matter how bad…


Been a long time since I seen the A & P books. Betcha they changed quite a bit since I got my A & P license many moons ago. Airframe & Powerplant when working aircraft is the correct spelling.


Yeah, BUT it only comes up as first for Amazon when you split the word. I can manipulate searches almost as well as Amazon does itself.

NOT to say that they push their own items when the first 12 things that show up are “sponsored” and not even closely related to what a buyer is actually looking for…
Yup, total sarcasm on that…


try gardening


Completely serious.

We still can sing that song from heart all these years later. :dragon_face:


Pro Tip 1: if you bundled that thing along with some space cadet containers, so you can label your favorite herbs. Then add a poker, pipe holder, screen cleaner, a bag of chips and cookies. Then you included a nice wooden compartmentalized box with handle, you might be on to something and have a real winner!

Pro Tip 2: If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s a weed grinder.

Thanks for the laugh. That was a good one.


Amazon is 100% correct. I figure you know it too.


Uh, so that is uh used for mamajuana. You saying that you didn’t know that, right? lol
BTW, that ice cream is really really wasted.