Special Book


I have a copy of Toros Y Toreros published by Aux Editions Cercle d’ Art.
It is in both French and Spanish.

Can someone help me identify the book? It has been printed by a variety of publishers and languages. How would one know a first edition or some other special quality of this particular book.


The copies with the original Picasso lithograph are the most valuable and, needless to say, the hardest to come by.

Is your copy numbered?


What is the publishing date? 1st ed is from early 60s I believe.


Wow! Pop over to Abe. Several editions pictured there, with decent descriptions. I tried to grab a likely image, but I’m a tech moron and failed.


I did and found similar books, but I don’t want to misrepresent what I have. I was hopng someone had seen this book before.


The book does not state a publishing date. From what I can gather it is likely 1961, but there is no title page in this book. Th book was published by several publishing houses in diffent countrie and languages around 1961.


It is not. I believe those numbered copies were actually portfolios rather than books. Mine is not a portfolio. It is a book, in a slipcase. There is one of the numbered ones for sale on Abe for about $15000. I just don’t want to be wrong about what I have. It’s rare because it is in 2 languages, but I don’t know if that gives it any specail value.


Did you look at final page to see if copy/pub info/date is there? Might be. Slipcase? Could this be a Heritage Press or Folio Society reprint? Are there color illustrations? Even an illustrated reprint of this title in fine condition would be desirable. Dealers on Abe, selling that title, might be pleased to help pin this down and compare if you email them.


So French from your image roughly translates to: From this book one hundred and twenty-five copies numbered from 1 to 125 and twenty-five non-commercial copies for the artist and his friends numbered from 125 to 150. These copies are enriched with an original signed lithograph and a series of drawings drawn on arches paper. furthermore, the copies numbered 1 to 5 bear a lithograph enhanced by the artist." Is that all the publishing info in this book? Can you share pictures? I am REALLY REALLY curious about what you have here.


Does this describe your copy?

Aux Editions Cercle D’Art, Second Edition, 1962. Hardcover. No Jacket. 2nd Edition. The second edition. Size of binding: 11 in. x 15 in. Half-title, title page in blue and red ink, 31 pages of text consisting of two essays (one in Spanish, one in French) followed by illustrations, which are reproductions of Picasso’s work (some in color) centered on bullfighting. White textured cloth with multi-colored designs on both covers and on spine. Front end-papers are green with dates in black ink and words in red. Rear end-papers are white with date in black ink and a copy of a circular announcing a bull fight. In a slipcase of paper over green textured cloth with Picasso drawings on both covers and printed title on spine.

That would be so cool if that’s it.


The description is near perfect, but for the initial statement that it is the second edition, 1962. The rest of the description fits it to a “T”. Is this description unique to the second edition? That would resolve my issue. Is this description on Abe? If so, I’ll find it and perhaps try to ask the lister. I don’t sell on ABE and this issue is definitely not listed on Amazon. Thanks for your help!


Go to Abe and email the dealer selling this specific copy with this specific description. I pasted it in from that listing on Abe. That dealer will probably know. And might even offer on it LOL. Without the actual book in hand, I could not venture a guess. Is your copy in very good to fine condition? Any date on the rear endpapers?