Sp api roles


Does selecting specific roles in the app actually limit anything?

On my end I tried only selecting “Buyer Solicitation”


I’m not sure what “app” you are talking about. I assume you are talking about the security roles assigned to developers API access.

In some cases the commands work but certain fields are returned as blank if you don’t have one of the restricted roles. For example, if you don’t have restricted role for Merchant Fulfillment, then the name and street address fields are blank when you get the details of an order.

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I am referring to the roles when you create a sp api app .


It could be argued that getting order information would be necessary for buyer solicitations, so that might not be a great example.

The granular permissions given to the apps do work in certain situations, and more importantly can easily be changed/implemented by Amazon in the future.

The app permissions requested are also displayed to the user when they approve the app, so they need to match what the customer is willing to approve for the work the app describes.

I am not aware of any current official documentation regarding which privileges (or lack thereof) effect which calls or parameters, but a little experimentation should show you what the current state of the restrictions are for each attribute.