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I’m converting from MWS to SP-API for my Fulfill by Merchant orders. I currently use two MWS Feeds:

  1. PRODUCT_INVENTORY_AVAILABILITY to update quantity available,
  2. POST_ORDER_FULFILLMENT_DATA to update orders after they’re shipped.

We update inventory once per day… fulfillments 4-5 times per day.

Just wondering if this is still the easiest/best way to do those two things?
Also, I’ve tried to post inventory availability using Postman and the documentation at:

In Postman, I’m able to create the feed and upload the document successfully.
However, at step #4 I’m getting

HTTP 400 Bad Request
“code”: “InvalidInput”,
“message”: “Invalid request parameters”,
“details”: “”

One thing to note… my current MWS feed is indicating “Your feed cannot be processed because your account is inactive. Please contact us to reactivate your account.”

I assumed that I would get a similar message from the SP API

I’ve opened a case. Any suggestions?


Thank you, @Total_Biz_Fulfillmen, for posting your query in Seller Forums. Can you provide the Case ID for your issue you opened with Seller Support, so that I can review you account and investigate further?

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Case ID: 10538490161

Thank you.
I was able to get a successful response using PATCH to the listings endpoint for a single item. But I’m not sure which method (listings vs feeds) is best. I need to accomplish both tasks: Update inventory quantity and fulfillment.


Thank you, @Total_Biz_Fulfillmen, for your reply. I will investigate the details and respond with an update tomorrow.


With Seller Support Agent, Ram, actively investigating the case you opened yesterday regarding the error; I must first wait until the initial investigation is completed, and case closed without resolution before the escalations team can open a new case.

Please continue to provide updates within the open case referenced above, and contact me if if there is any lapse in communication, or if a deadline to follow up is missed.

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I do not understand the reply from the support agent… and as typical, they replied and closed the case.
The reply basically said that the feed was created using the Base XSD and not the Envelope XSD, then pointed me to the documentation (which is weak, at best). How about an example? No one uses these “XSDs” anymore anyway.

I simply tried to use the same feed XML payload that I’m currently using with MWS.

Any ideas?
Anyone have a sample of what the XML payload should look like?


Thank you, @Total_Biz_Fulfillmen, for the update on your issue. I will escalate this case internally to seek a resolution.

I will confirm the new Case ID once provided.

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Well, maybe few of us but I wouldn’t say no one.

Post what you uploaded


<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8” ?> 

 <AmazonEnvelope xmlns:xsi=“http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance” xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=“amzn-envelope.xsd”>

















I see no issues with the XML here at all. Yours matches my XML uploaded through MWS.

I suspect the issue is just SP-API related and hoping maybe @Buildcom will chime in as I (still) haven’t gotten into converting yet.


Can you post what your request for Step 4 was? (Also when posting code please highlight the code and click on the </> button. This properly formats the code snippet. This works for code and XML.)


Thanks for the tip… This is actually working now in Postman. I have no idea why it started working (other than a change to the content-type)

After having gone through all 7 steps to create/upload the inventory feed and get the results, I’m asking myself “why so many steps”. The MWS implementation was relatively simple. Create/Post the feed, receive the ID, check later for the result. The SP-API seems like an ordeal to just update your inventory quantity.

With MWS API, I used the Feeds to update inventory availability (once per day) and post merchant fulfilled shipments (several times per day).

Is this still the best way to

  1. Sync inventory availability with our ERP system (Amazon Seller is one of many affecting inventory)
  2. Update order fulfillment data (i.e. what has shipped, carrier and tracking)



The extra steps is likely due to how they are handling the way files are being transferred. You will find the same type of structure for retrieving reports where before you could retrieve the report by id but now they added an extra step where you are given an URL and then you retrieve the actual report.

Yes the feeds would be the best way to update inventory and order information.


@Oneida & @Buildcom
Thank you both!


@Total_Biz_Fulfillmen it looks like you were able to resolve the issue and you no longer need the help of the escalation team. Huge thank you to @Oneida and @Buildcom for providing guidance and tips on how to illiminate the error.

The escalation team created a new Case ID: 10586721211, please respond letting them know you no longer need support.

Happy Selling! :slight_smile: