SP-API and ruby (on rails)


Has anyone successfully written a service in ruby that connects to the sp-api? Are their any libraries out there that can help with this (like we have Peddler for MWS)?

After much searching I am coming up empty handed!


If you haven’t seen anything you will just need to wait for Peddler to add support as stated on their readme in github.


You should really stop putting ‘non-answers’ on this forum. What happens is that people look at the listening, see a response and assume that there is a valid or valuable answer so they don’t look further.

Your answer in no way helps me or anyone asking a similar question.


That’s your opinion. I took the time to read your post and do some research and found that Peddler is looking into adding SP-API support but haven’t done it yet. So at the minimum whoever is looking for an answer can at least check there to see if it has been implemented or not.