Sold laserdisk only allowing priority shipping to ANAHEIM, CA address


This has never happened before.

I sell mostly used books. This item, a used laserdisk will only let me buy priority or parcel select shipping. The purchaser selected standar shipping. All other options are grayed out. I usually use media mail for standard. WTF?


maybe the holiday tomorrow has something to do with it. Usually options do not show when they won’t deliver in the delivery date window or there is a holiday.


There are times when it is quite useful to have your own way of printing postage, i.e. Endicia,, etc.

Amazon often offers uselessly expensive options through their system.

Worst case scenario? Pack it up and stand in line at your local PO and insist on Media Mail.


It may depend on your handling time oh, I have most of mine set for 3 to 5 days, which always allows extra time for Media Mail…

So I would just wait, and see what pops up tomorrow…

What is the expected delivery date? Most of the time coast to coast is 7 days… closer is less days…

Good luck


I looked at that item and it is showing sales ranks in these categories:
#709,575 in Home & Kitchen
#26,038 in Posters & Prints

If those categories are not generally eligible for Media Mail you might not get that option for Buy Shipping. If it fits the Media Mail rules, and if it will get there in time, you can mail it from the Post Office.


J K Books1 has it right – this is in the wrong category.

Just buy Media over the counter – there’s no savings to buying online for Media Mail.

You lose the INR protection by using Amazon buy-shipping, so if valuable, use Signature (if you wish).