Small Business Academy offers free online classes and webinars


The Amazon Small Business Academy helps Sellers learn about emerging digital strategies and brand building techniques through free, live webinars and community college classes across the country.

Our live webinars focus on a specific topic and guide you from practical application to advanced techniques, and feature Q&A sessions with experts from Amazon. These webinars will provide you with an opportunity to learn new skills and hear best practices for selling successfully in our stores.

Amazon is collaborating with the National Association of Community College Entrepreneurs (NACCE) to develop curriculum for digital business courses in community college classrooms around the country. These classes cover the fundamentals of online business strategies, marketing, merchandising, inventory management, and more.

Register for the Small Business Academy’s June webinar series today:

  • June 1: Self Publishing
  • June 2: Selling in the Amazon Business Marketplace
  • June 8: Launchpad
  • June 15: Seller Central Dashboard Overview
  • June 22: Becoming a Service Provider
  • June 22: Becoming a Service Provider
  • June 29: On Site Accessibility

To register for upcoming webinars, view past presentations, or learn more about the college curriculum, please visit


June 30: How to write a POA

Kidding! This is cool, any famous guest speakers / lecturers?


Would like to register here. Usually the recordings are not available if we missed out. Please revisit your policy and provide it due to the prevailing situation.

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