Size of Boxes used to send to FBA


I read somewhere that they say to use very large boxes. However, under their guidelines, it says no more than 25" on any side which isn’t big. So which is correct and what do you do?


I use ULINE 12x12x20 double-walled boxes and can easily fill them up with 50lbs of books. Most of my FBA is media, so I don’t have an issue with box sizes, but I could see that might be a problem if you’re shipping LEGO sets or other boxes that are quite big.

I highly recommend that whatever box size you use, make sure they are double walled [or triple walled], as that will help protect the contents inside and the box will show up to the FCs in much better shape than a single-walled box will.


Depends on what you’re shipping. As the other responder says, if you’re shipping books, you don’t want the box too big. It will get up to 50 pounds quickly enough.

If you’re selling non-media items then size can matter. If you ship a box that’s large but doesn’t weigh very much you could be charged it’s dimensional weight. Check out UPS’s description:

So, I typically ship boxes that are 18x18x24. If the boxes don’t weigh 50 pounds, I’m usually charged the 50 pound weight anyway. I’ve tried using smaller boxes and found that even with the oversize fee, it can be cheaper to ship in the large box instead of 2 smaller boxes.

You can make up dummy shipments and see what works for you. Just don’t accept the shipping charges.



I reviewed the Amazon FBA packaging and shipping guidelines today and also learned something new from your thread.

I didn’t find anywhere that it was mentioned to use “very large boxes”, and I would think that if you are shipping Media items such as books, DVD’s or CD’s, that would not be the best approach.

I also learned about the 25" maximum rule for any side, which I didn’t know before.

I also like the idea of using “double walled” boxes for shipment, (as another poster mentioned), and have been experimenting with that type of box for the past few weeks or so as it saves time in “double boxing” single wall corrugated boxes and provides a great deal more protection for your items during transit to a FBA warehouse.



I have shipped well over 200 boxes to Amazon. I use only Home Depot, small size, which is 16 x 12 x 12. They feel like being made for books. You can stack and arrange the standard sizes perfectly. The weight almost always ends up slightly under 50 pounds. The boxes are cheap. Something like 40 cents a box or so. They are also of very good quality. I heard no report of mass damage etc.
Very happy with them.


I’ll take a look. Thanks for the info.


“I also learned about the 25” maximum rule for any side, which I didn’t know before."

I am pretty sure I have sent in boxes of standard sized products that were over this requirement, though only by pallet.

Box dimensions
• Boxes containing multiple Standard-Size units must not
exceed 25" on any side.
• A box that exceeds 25" on any single side must fit on
a standard 40" x 48" pallet, unless it contains a single
shippable Unit that exceeds the standard pallet dimensions

Does that second part perhaps explain why I have not heard any complaints?

I don’t think I actually recall this rule from when we first started FBA either.


I use 24" square boxes. They hold quite a bit. And that size rule applies to standard items, not oversize.


Interesting, never heard the 25" rule before…

My standard shipping box is 36x24x24" in size for oversized items, I can usually get 10-15 items into that box. I’d go broke trying to ship in smaller boxes. :slight_smile:


Its says its for boxes with multiple standard items.

I have shipped in boxes larger than that, but on pallets.

I’m a bit nervous as I have more orders like that ongoing, but I think the pallet rule might cover me.

Or its more of a guideline.


I never see that warning when creating the shipment. However, the 50lb rule is always displayed when entering the box weights and dimensions. But the Amazon statement you quoted contradicts itself. It says the box cannot exceed 25". Next, it says if it does exceed 25", it must fit on a 40"x48" pallet. Well, which is it?

If I were to interpret that statement/policy, I would see it meaning the carton cannot exceed 48"x40"x25". I would never do such a thing, as the UPS/FedEx charges would be astronomical considering they start charging dimensional weight at 18"x18"x18". The only time it would make sense to do so is if there was a single unit that was 48"x40"x25".


I think you have the right idea: trust the software - if no warning pops up, its probably no problem.

The rule I showed was probably an old rule that has been ignored…if it was vitally important they would have it show up somewhere in the shipment creation process.

And actually, you can have boxes larger than 40" x 48" on the pallet - you are allowed 1" over on each side or something like that.


I need to ship some oversize products (~21"x17"x5" but in Shrink wrap, Not in boxes) in to FBA, and I have access to low-height containers: 40"x48"x25" with bottom flaps and sides, but no tops… I would love to be able to fill these and ship on a pallet, and if needed put a layer of corrugated at the top of each container (at the 25" mark"), and then add more. I think this container would be satisfactory for the bottom-most layer on the pallet, but I’m wondering if Amazon will accept another one, on top of the first. If not, could I just add the layer of corrugated, and then stack the products on that, and stretch wrap them together, up to the 72" height maximum. The reason I want to use the large container, at least at the bottom, is for protection of the products, as much as possible during transit. – I also have not-good-enough-for-customers boxes that these products could ship in (one product per 21"x17.5"x5" box), but I would want Amazon to discard them, and only ship the Shrink wrapped and labelled product to customers. Would this be acceptable, or would Amazon reject them (and the need to discard so many boxes, about 56 boxes on a pallet?) Thanks much !

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