Single Sign-on (SSO) is launched on the Amazon Seller App


Single sign-on (SSO) is launched on the Amazon Seller App! If you have cross-regional accounts, use SSO to reach all of your marketplaces and linked accounts with any set of account credentials. Then you can use the marketplace switcher that is located at the left navigation menu to alternate between your marketplaces.

SSO on mobile is already in effect if you have linked your accounts. If your accounts are not linked, visit linking accounts here and follow the instructions.

If you don’t have Amazon Seller App, you can download it for free from the links below.

For Google Play store click here. For Apple App store click here.


This worked about two weeks ago on my Samsung Android but about a week ago the Australian option no longer appears.


Great news for hackers!

Now they can access ALL your Amazon accounts with only one password.

With hacked accounts being a MAJOR problem why do Amazon encourage people to do stupid things like this?

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