Signature confirmation can reduce reported lost orders by 35%


Effective Jun 23, 2022, Amazon recommends adding "signature confirmation" to orders with a high risk of being reported as "not received" or "lost".

You can purchase "signature confirmation" service when you select shipping for these orders in "Buy Shipping".

How the service works:

1. Our machine learning technology identifies high-risk orders by analyzing hundreds of signals, such as delivery problems, item value, and delivery address.

2. High-risk orders will be flagged on your Manage Orders page under the "Order Status" column with a "signature confirmation recommended" message.

3. If you proceed with the recommendation, the cost of the signature confirmation service will be added to your shipping fee.

4. If a buyer reports a signature-confirmed order as "lost" or "not received," we will conduct additional checks on that buyer’s account. Any refunds or claims we grant without your involvement will be eligible for appeal.

Additional fees:

The signature confirmation recommendation is offered to sellers at no cost. However, signature confirmation implementation is a separate carrier service for which carriers charge an additional fee.

The service charge varies by carrier, but on average costs between $3 and $6 for each order.

You will be responsible for the additional shipping costs incurred for implementing the signature confirmation recommendations.

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Signature Confirmation Recommended Future

We already have coverage for delivery issues when we use Amazon Buy Shipping. Why should we spend money on signature confirmation when we are already covered for delivery issues?


I can understand the extra level of protection when it comes to delivery. Some people may report packages being stolen and this maybe be true but other may report the item lost or stolen and the simply want the product and to keep their money. As a small business owner who is attempting to grow and scale in the online market I would like all the protection I can get. I’m not able to afford bad reviews and multiple charge backs


How does this “protection” differ from the protection from we already get by using Amazon buy shipping?


I am the Sig. Con queen for shipping rare/collectible works. Rarely use AMZ shipping except for Freight Forwarders and certain aggregators who have a P.O. box in Rutherfurd, NJ but I have to agree w/ @The _Orange_Crush.

Doe this mean AMZ will not honor their INR coverage if the seller doesn’t follow their recommendation of Sig. CON? Are TPTB changing this long-held reason for buying shipping in-house?
I’m interested.


I sell on Amazon and Ebay… The only customers that report lost items or they didn’t get there orders is Amazon Buyers… I’ve never seen so much fraud in all my years of Selling on-line… I guess because they know the system well enough they CAN steal from Sellers!


Consider this:

ASK buyer at the end of check out if they need or prefer the signature confirmation or that You Amazon RECOMMEND them (buyer) TO PAY for the signature confirmation due ALL red flags or risky zip codes. If a buyer WAIVES the option of signature confirmation is their problem. Otherwise, we’ll get the trouble and the expenses.

It would be great if amazon helps their “clientele” to stop been so entitled for free items- been paid by sellers in some extended. Making them to pay for signature confirmation, it could be the beginning of an extraordinary re-hab program.

We sell in other platforms, and ONLY here is All the issues relate With No deliveries… for whatever reason only with amazon orders we have issue with UPS!?

Again, ask buyer to meet at half way: do you realize the annoyance for buyers to go to the carrier and sign? I can see packages been rejected, and negative feedback for this… so, please “helps” us with removing negative feedback as consequence from this.

EDIT: if package is not picked up from the carrier, ALLOW sellers to recoup expenses of shipping back and forth…. As a part of the rehab program for tricky buyers.


What we do afa SIG CON-is send the buyer an e-mail thru AMZ messaging stating the parcel is being shipped SIGN CON.

To make it more palatable, often EXPEDITE the shipment-tell the buyer that, too. We’ve been doing this for years, Never had a neg. feedback re our requirement, assume because we give 'em prior notice, plus, one buyer told us emphatically not to add sig.con. because he trusted AMZ’s INR protection if someone stole it from his stoop!!

True, we don’t usually receive feedback on these sales-but occasionally, receive glowing comments!!


Years selling too… thousands of packages shipped by ups and usps by now- handful of signature confirmation for items over $750 when recommended by eBay.

However, we don’t have personal to penpal buyers with that… and many buyers are unaware of amazon messaging.
Still I am thinking as well as Me as a Buyer given the option to choose or waive for it. If I waive, my bad luck for item lost…. Buyer for many years too.

I may let the package return back to seller when it’s for usps- my usps office by zip code completely bad.


I’d prefer being able to cancel those flagged orders without it affecting our account instead of us having to pay more for shipping.


The problem with signature confirmation is that drivers accept any signature, and when the signature collected is not the buyer’s - Amazon refunds on “item not delivered” claims, and the seller has no recourse. So signature confirmation isn’t a failsafe.


From what it sounds like it seems to be a recommendation that will scare some sellers into “Oh I better do this”, which will in turn reduce INR claims paid out by Amazon. Unless something is changing with the Amazon Buy Shipping guarantee I’m going to continue business as usual.


If a customer leaves a negative feedback because they were inconvenienced by the signature confirmation that you recommended will you delete that feedback? I doubt it.


This is simply another ploy by Amazon to make sellers think the company is doing something to improve the site, when in actuality they are not. Notice this issue was not addressed.

We do use signature confirmations when necessary. But here is how Amazon scams sellers when a INR claim is filed and signature confirmation is used.

Over the years we have filed appeals to INR claims which Amazon deducted from our account. We buy shipping thru Amazon, and add a signature confirmation. The buyer claims the product never arrived, and an Amazon Customer Service Rep (either over the phone or by an Auto-Bot) refunds them from our account.

I File an appeal with documentation of delivery including a signature. Amazon will not accept the appeal, so the seller loses. Why, because the signature either cannot be made out (due to poor writing) or is a different name. Scammers know how the system works, and we all know that Amazon supports scammers, and cullieds with them.

The scammer says to Amazon, look at my invoice. That is my name as the buyer and that’s my name as the addressee. However, that’s not my name as the signature, or I can’t even tell who’s name that is because it is just scribble.

Now, when you take this into consideration, Isn’t this announcement basically useless or much ado about nothing?


I’d be fine with adding the recommended signature confirmation, if Amazon were covering the cost. Delivery costs have already seen a huge increase over the years, so no thanks, I’m not adding another expense just because Amazon recommends it. I already add signature confirmation myself for high-value orders.

If Amazon is really concerned that a buyer is trying to scam me, then maybe Amazon shouldn’t even allow that buyer to place an order.

Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but give us an option to block buyers much like eBay has in place. Would save headaches when a problematic buyer tries to make another purchase.


This is true for us, too. We sell on Amazon and eBay and ship via Shipstation. eBay honors the delivery confirmation, Amazon doesn’t. We hardly ever have a customer on eBay saying they didn’t get their item.


If you already know a “delivery address” has “delivery problems”, why would we have to deal with that customer at all!?!
The fix for bad buyers is sellers paying more for shipping?

Instead of this foolishness, if the machine learning identifies a high-risk order, how bout we have the option to cancel said order without it affecting our metrics!?
Common Amazon. (shakes head)


This is another slap in the face of sellers.

Amazon has created the fraud environment that sellers deal with. There are hundreds if not thousands of posts from sellers here who state they never have these problems anywhere else they sell.


I am simply curious as to how many will get the recommendation we don’t have a large issue with INR orders as it is could be our niche market, could be the luck of the draw


Since Amazon “covers” INR claims anyway this will protect them, not us. So why do we have to pay the extra Amazon?