Should I use individual packed or case packed?


Hey guys, I’m shipping a case from my manufacturer but I would like to send 200 items in one package. Which amazon doesn’t allow more than 150 units in cased packed items. I have never shipped the items as “individual” since I always ship from my manufacturer in a case. I thought I should mix all the sku’s and choose individual just so I can ship more than 150 units in one package. What should I know? I heard that they tend to ask to ship each case to a different warehouse when choosing individual. Also, does it cost more money on my part? (Since they have to scan each and each barcode inside the box)


You can try it and see what happens, depends on the product. Some items I send in as singles and counts of 20 to over 150 and it always wants them all sent to one FC, other items I can try to send in 10 and it wants them spread over 3 FCs. Be aware deleting or not fulfilling very many shipping plans can get you in hot water too.