Shopify overtakes eBay as the #2 player in eCommerce in the US


30% sales from your website is amazing… that is my goal, but I have a long way to go. Thank you for sharing though because it reminds me of what is possible.

I like your method of linking the Amazon product pages. If there is ever any issue with your Amazon listings, you can take that off & you still have your website which keeps you from being so reliant on Amazon. But, at the same time, it does give your website product pages more credibility.

Thank you for your feedback on FB Ads. I actually have some created and was getting ready to run them, but now I am afraid of backlash since so many big brands are boycotting FB in July. Ad rates will probably be low, but it seems risky to enter into a volatile controversy.

Your post was very helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to share what is working for you!!!


How do you handle the sales taxes with your Shopify store? Amazon is so easy I don’t have to think about it. Do you use an App?


I’m in the process of picking any Apps I want and and curious about what you have - you said KIT for marketing? I don’t need an AI assistant, already have shipping figured out, but am looking into sales tax. How do you handle yours?


I think Cramer loves Wally World overall and is impressed such a big company has gone online enough to count…especially this year. I shop Walmart and Sam’s online and you’re right - it’s dated and bloated, hard to find the best sellers with shipping, etc. That being said, they sell a boatload of stuff on there!


Copy/paste into an Excel spreadsheet–which is either very simple or too complicated, depending on who you ask! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It works for my business.


The Kit app is 100% marketing. It has nothing to do with shipping or anything else. Don’t know what gave you that idea. I just don’t have time to make ads and upload all the required info to 6 different social media platforms and google on a daily basis. Kit does this for me and all I pay for is the actual ads. It saves me several hours a day doing stuff I hate. I’m already working long enough.


Amazon is a sales machine. Return rates are higher and there tend to be more issues, but the sales are high. It’s harder than it used to be, but you can still get quite a few sales just by listing products. With Shopify, you are 100% on your own, they don’t send any traffic to you. Amazon is like a mall with a lot of traffic. It’s gotten more difficult, but still if you know what you are doing sales are pretty easy to get.


Did you just reply to your own post!?





Yes, because for some reason replying to a post below didn’t work…it was the only way to get the comment in there. Basically saying Amazon is a huge mall, with Shopify they have good tools but you are really on your own when it comes to sales. It’s not really honest to say Shopify is the #2 online seller, actually Walmart is.


I love etsy, but you are limited as what you can sell, has to be handmade or vintage or an item to make something. How di you link all your inventory, Im looking for something as I do it by hand now , and i’m a small business and cant afford huge monthly fees…I thought that was why you used shopify.


I sell via shopify, but I’m leaving to set up a wordpress/woocommerce site on my own hosting site. I expect have it up and running by the end of July.


What is the difference between your brand and “Alibaba private label brand”? thanks.


Our two sites are not utilized for the same marketplace so a like for like comparison would not yield any helpful data. I will say that costs are a bit less for Shopify,we’re making just about the same net revenue per item.


That begs the question: “why you would pay Shopify $30 or more per month for a website, when they provide no traffic to your site?” You pay fees when you list on amazon or ebay, but they provide traffic for you. Shopify is a rip-off.


I like Shopify, but there are other options for e-commerce platforms. My point was how important diversification is in order to gain more control of our businesses.


I think it is because there are many people that think a router is a woodworking tool, a server works at a restaurant, and java is a hot beverage. For those individuals, Shopify may be really cheap.


:confused: Amazon does not necessarily provide direct, active traffic to listings, despite paying $40/month on the Professional plan, unless Sellers pay additional Advertising costs.

Just because Amazon gets you passive eyeballs does not mean that it gets you actual sales to targeted audiences. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe, but are those people experienced in successful e-comm? Likely not.

Perhaps for those merely reselling one or two items manufactured and branded by others, instead of actual manufacturers and brands who want control over their own business and marketplace flexibility across all sales channels (including b&m), Shopify may be “really expensive”. :thinking:

The Professional selling plan costs $480/year, and Amazon owns everything you input, with zero obligation to provide you with any page views or sales.
Traffic /=/ profit.



They have as much right to try and go bankrupt (or make millions) as the next guy. I’m not for or against Shopify. It appears to work very well for some. So well that I may purchase Shopify stock. Shopify doesn’t seem to be a good fit for me, but neither is anything from Victoria’s Secret or Lululemon.


Much like Amazon, it isn’t for everyone…but that doesn’t mean that it is useless or a bad business decision.