Shopify MWS tracking number errors (UPSM shipments)


Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. When Amazon fulfills orders from our Shopify store that are identified as UPSM (UPS internal transfer shipments to USPS), Shopify does not recognize the carrier, and guesses that it is DHL. So the tracking numbers link to DHL and customers receive an error. The tracking number that is generated is always a USPS tracking number. I am looking to see how these UPSM identified packages can just be recognized as USPS links. Shopify will not help on this, they say it needs to be done on the Amazon side. Anyone else experience this or have a solve?

It is very frustrating to have so many customers receive broken tracking links, all because shopify is guessing the wrong carrier.



I can’t imagine how anyone in their right mind (sorry to be so blunt) would expect Amazon to change things.

I’ve not heard of anyone with this issue before, and I would expect that the fix would be on the Shopify side to correctly identify the Amazon field data. It shouldn’t be that hard to add that in.


Hi Oneida. I don’t which is why I asked if anyone had experience or a solve. I posted here in hopes that someone else was experiencing this issue. At the very least could share how they dealt with it.


I do totally get that. I just believe Shopify is try to put the onus on Amazon when it’s up to them to fix this.


Shopify and Amazon don’t always play nice. And they seem to blame each other whenever there’s an issue. My suggestion is to use the FBA Shipping app. I’ve never heard of issues like that with the app, and the customer support is great.

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