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I’m just wondering if this “Shop black-owned businesses” was a real email I received today?
It came from

I’m just wondering when I can sign up for the “Shop samoan-owned businesses” to celebrate the Samoan Community on Amazon.
I know everyone loves Samoans and I will sell more products, being Samoan and all.

Actually when I went into security details the message came from
mailed by
Signed by
Security @ Standard encryption (TLS)

Introducing the Black-Owned Business badge

I’ve commented on this use of SES a time or more before, most recently here:

But I take your underlying point.

Better would it be would we all agree that we are all ultimately the same, and need no coddling.


I just found that one interesting.
A few days ago I got a noticed activity on your account warning and need to “review your account” To “prevent your account from being deactivated”

reply to

Message had no security information.

Anyway I feel like I’m on some sort of Amazon fake list now.

I don’t know why amazon would send you any sort of email when they could inform you of anything important with an “!” at the top of : why would they even allow for the chance of spoof emails through an email service?


Can we just leave it as spam email and move on. Be sure to report it.

Identifying false (spoofed) e-mails




They had one for female-owned businesses the other day. None of which means anything to me.


I think we are reaching a turning point where “anti-racism” is being exposed for what it really is…racism. Intersectionality is poison for society and only serves to divide. Amazon is just as complicit in this as any other politician or corporation at a level of authority.
But I don’t think we’re past that turning point yet and Amazon CERTAINLY isn’t; so don’t expect this thread to end well. You’re a warrior ahead of your time, my Samoan friend. I wish you good luck!


With all the foreign bodies dominating Amazon now, a US owned business promotion is probably more relevant to Amazon these days.


“The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”John G. Roberts Jr., Chief Justice, United States Supreme Court


I am 100% with John McWhorter on this topic. Great author, decent human being to boot.
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We are closing it now.

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