Shocked by this seller: OVER 5000 FAKE REVIEWS FOUND


( 5000+ fake reviews found within all the listings of this seller)
Everybody knows the recent big news that Apple released 3 new iphones (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR). BUT be careful, some of greedy sellers are planing rip off customers on Amazon, and their plan started!!

Check out this Listing:
1.Two week ago they started their listing (by using my tracking software)

(totally 14 days of history)

  1. Immediately they reviewed their products with their own amazon buyer accounts.
    three reviews was found on their listing and all of them are 5 stars even though NOBODY EVER BOUGHT their product yet. From my analisis here is how they did it: they first upload 3 products by FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant ), then they bought it themself. They don’t have to shipp anything, just upload tracking numbers that already delivered, so they can immediately review their own products (3 5-star review was found immediately)

  2. Then the start massive buy their own products via amazon ads, try to make their product very popular, (they don’t have to need a lot of buyer accounts, 10 buyer accounts are enough). From my analize, their traffic immediately went to peak, each buyer account can repeated order their own products with FBM which no need any shipping.

  3. Then thousands even ten thousands of real products are on the way to amazon warehouse. Upon arrival, a lot of buyers started to buy their products (because they repeatedly bought hundreds of even more than one thousands of product via FBM, the ranking of the listing is TOP now )

Ii. SEE THE PRICE IS $8.98 (lower price is much easier for them to buy their own products)

  1. Then they RISE the price to $13.99 and their reviews INCRED to 19 in just one day (for this product no one receive product in the same day order)


  1. On Sep 25, I came across this listing, and I found this listing are so strange, and want alert other customers, how come amazon system automatically blocked further review because the abnormal activities of this listing.

7.System automatically detect the abnormal actions of this listing, and no more accept further reviews.
However, this is the KEY. It works this way, each day amazon only accept 3 (THREE) reviews since this listing already detected by amazon system. Then they started to upload 3 reviews immediately by themselves at the same time,

  1. They are continuing to do this, each day add 3 reviews, and no more reviews are accepted. By this way no real customer voices are heard (your real experiences are blocked by the system), SCAM!!!
    Watch this, and you will found this listing add 3 5-star reviews each day at the most easily time, and for that day NO MORE new real reviews are accepte!!!
    I bought one of their product, and your right, it’s a very low quality China made product.

  2. A picture worth a thousand words, see the fakespot analysis result.

Our analysis detected 95.0% low quality reviews

  1. Final

My voice: I’m a small seller on amazon that selling high quality phone cases and screen protectors, and recently I found a lot of these kinds of scam on amazon, all awful things I saw from these sellers, things much worth than you could think. I wrote this article just let my voice be heard. If more and more customers notice this and report it to amazon, many of honest customers and my right will be protected.

Real or fake "Verified Purchase" reviews?
Fake negative reviews damage our brand. How to solve this?
Great Amazon has taken actions to non-Verified purchase fake reviews

Wow some decent research there.


Most reviews on Amazon are fake.

Amazon themselves pay their employees to post fake Twitter reviews on how great it is working in their fulfillment centers.

This is how things operate here.

It’s a little frustrating, but there really is nothing you can do.

You cannot build a long term business on scamming and spamming. Eventually these folks will get caught or go bust.

Good detective work though :slight_smile:


amazon has fake vine reviews for their amazonbasics program now!!!


Very good analysis. Have you ever tried to send a formal complaint to Amazon at


Reasonable people do not waste their time reading Reviews on Amazon.

Many are untrustworthy or honestly wrong and if you order from FBA you can have your refund as soon as USPS or UPS scans the prepaid label when you see what crap the product actually is.


Most Chinese sellers probably have 5 seller accounts and 10 fake buyer accounts. If any of these accounts get closed due to using black-hat tactics, they simply switch to another one, which makes it very difficult for US sellers to compete against them. So they can dump whatever they want and whenever they want onto Amazon market, but US sellers have to waste time and money on improving products in vain.


I can think of a few small things that Amazon can do to improve their review system dramatically.

1, showing sales volume on product detail pages, so customers can easily tell good products with fewer genuine reviews vs. products with disproportional fake 5-star reviews.

2, verifying a buyer account address by mailing a regular mail with a verification code to that particular address before that customer can post any verified product reviews (many financial institutes are doing this to prevent fraud). And a customer cannot post reviews if he/she is using a mail box address. This would prevent many non-US sellers from buying US name/address information in order to create fake accounts to promote their own products and attack US competitors by submitting fake negative reviews.

3, the hardest part is that some sellers are paying real customers or 3rd companies to write fake reviews. It’s really hard to detect this type of actives but the penalty should be the same to all sellers non-US or US. It’s very easy for many non-US sellers to create multiple seller accounts and only sell one product under that account, so they don’t care about getting caught and account suspended because of doing black-hat tactics. Maybe non-US sellers need to have some sort of US based representatives (not just those lawyers to help registration for LLC) in order to sell in US market, so it’s harder for them create multiple accounts, hopefully they will start doing business in a more legit way. This one probably needs more thinking though…

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