Shipping to countries other than USA


Hello Fellow Sellers,
I have just received 2 requests from other countries within the last 2 days. The messages request amusic book that only we have and are requesting that we allow them to order from other countries, we are only setup on Amazon to ship in the US.

Out of curiosity - How many sellers mail to other countries? What are your experiences good or bad? How many foreign orders do you get? What is involved in setting it up on Amazon, how difficult is it to mail packagaes? I should mention, our experiences for foreign shipments prior to selling on Amazon led us to make the decision to only sell in the USA. It is very time consuming to fill out all the shipping forms for the post office, every country has a different procedure etc., and cost us too much money with claims of INR on a high majority of the foreign orders we mailed. If memory serves me correctly in approximately 75% of the foreign orders we lost money and merchandise.

I would appreciate your insight if you have experience shipping outside the USA.

Thank you,
Young’s Music Store


I would not advise touching international shipping with a 10 foot pole right now. Google USPS international alert. There are so many countries that you cannot ship to right now due to the virus.

This alone would be a reason for most to simply reply. Sorry, we do not ship internationally. You might consider finding a freight forwarder so you can order it delivered to a USA address and the 3rd party ships to you.


[quote=“JwsMarket, post:2, topic:622282”]
There are so many countries that you cannot ship to right now due to the virus.

Thank you for the response, I had not even thought of the difficulty COVID-19 is causing in shipping overseas… Also thank you for the suggestion of a freight forwarder.