Shipping rates for int'l shipping is insane. Are they playing me, or is it accurate?


Chinese factories seem to be upping the shipping rates every week. They claim they are being charged more for int’l shipping. I contacted multiple different manufacturer’s, and every week the rates have gone up for UPS and DHL from the previous week according to the rep. Currently it’s at “14$ / KG”, which is absolutely insane. My guess is there is truth to the rate increase since several unrelated Chinese sellers, including some i have a long lasting business relationship with have said the rates are going up and up. Are they bs’ing me? How can i actually look up the shipping rates from China?

So a 50 pound shipment would be around 318$.


We have seen the same and are now holding a lot of what we would have sent DHL and creating an ocean shipment.
They are claiming we can receive 19 days after the boat leaves China.


after the boot leaves China.



No idea how to do that unfortunately


We have people in China that we work with that can receive shipments from various suppliers and consolidate our shipments into a single shipment for us.
You would also probably need to get your own import broker here to help you clear customs.


I wouldn’t even know where to begin.