Shipping multiple SKUs on one pallet - is it possible? how?


Can anyone with experience of shipping multiple SKUs on one pallet shine some light on how to set up the shipping plan?

When I try to add more than one SKU to a shipping plan before I even get to the option of LTL, the shipment gets split into 3-4 shipments going to different destinations. Naturally, I would like all of them on one pallet, going to a single destination. Is there a way to do this? ( for 3-4 SKUs)



The destination for FBA inventory seems to change based on a number of factors, like the quantity you are sending in, the time of year, etc.

There are a few different options.

  1. You can use the Inventory Placement Service and for a per unit fee Amazon will direct your entire shipment to one warehouse. If you think that each pallet will cost you about $100+ to ship, you might be able to save money going this route too. You can activate this option in:
    Settings > FBA > Inbound Settings (Inventory Placement Options).

  2. You can try increasing or decreasing the quantities of the SKUs in your shipping plan to see if that gets Amazon to change the destination. In my experience smaller quantities of our items were getting sent across the country whereas larger quantities were being routed to one FC.

  3. Wait a few days and try creating the shipping plan again, under the assumption that some FCs are very busy and that’s why inventory is getting routed elsewhere. This is rather random, because we really have no clue how busy certain FCs are, but in our case it has happened that randomly certain shipments are sent to new FCs.

There’s a lot of cost / benefit to consider. Because if you pay to place inventory, or send in more units it may end up actually costing you more than if you had just distributed inventory as per the original shipping plan.


Thank you for the detailed reply. Regarding the options you listed:

  1. The Inventory Placement Service only guarantees that a single SKU is not split up, isn’t that correct? I actually tried doing that at first, no success (did you have other experience?)

  2. Interesting option - I did play around with it, but it seems to be very difficult to arrive at the solution you want ( 4 SKUs with quantities of 10 to 50 going to the same location)

  3. Will try, I am likely to run into the same problem as with #2

Is there really NOT a reliable way of sending a pallete with 3-4 SKUs in it?

Also, when you create a shipment plan for a pallet, do you treat the pallet itself as one Case/Package and pick “individual products” or “case-packed products”? And, once you get to the actual shipment part, do you pick “everything in one box” (ie the pallet) or do you pick “multiple boxes”?

Thanks a bunch for your time and help! Cheers!


Does Amazon consider some of your items to be over-sized? As over-sized SKUs are sent to different fulfillment centers vs normal, I believe.

I’ve never used Inventory Placement as the few times I tried the costs were always greater than sending in separate boxes. I’ve never tried with pallets.

And no, don’t treat the pallet as a case, as each box in the shipment will get its own label plus there is a special label x 4 for the actual pallet.

Are you shipping everything as cases?

  • All of the items I am shipping are oversized.
  • They are not in cases (each item is a fairly big box)
  • If I don’t treat a pallet as a box, then what is a ‘box’, each item?

So is there a way of shipping 4 SKUs on one pallet? (10 to 20 oversized items per SKU)

How do people ship variations of products on a pallet, seems that there is got to be a reliable way of doing that…? apart for shipping 1 pallet per SKU