Shippin fees


I wanted to change Template to charge 3.99 for books. Now I am charging it for everything. I changed it to the Us but still shows the free 3.99’


You can have multiple shipping templates. Sounds like you need to copy/create a new one. Then assign the SKUs to it.


If you are selling Media items — Amazon only charges the buyer $3.99 —
You should already have a Migrated Template showing this in your shipping templates.
If you do Not Have a Professional Account, you cannot change anything.


I do have a professional account. I had everything working great unit I changed the template for 3.99. I sale many other things, which I want to ship free. Which of the standard options should i click?


When you edit a template, it changes every SKU with that template assigned.

All changes are handled through the template. So create a template for free shipping and assign that template to any item you want to have free shipping.


As others have said, create a new template and give it a new name. Then set your shipping amount(s) and you can then select the shipping template you want to use at the individual SKU level.