Shipped by Amazon -lost in transit-won't file claim


I sold an expensive camera through seller fulfilled prime and bought postage through Amazon. The package got lost in transit. Since I am not the shipper (not my UPS account) I cannot file a claim through UPS. I contacted Amazon to file a claim for it and they have not. I file a safe t claim but was denied. Has anyone else been successful in getting paid for a claim that was shipped through Amazon.


Was U-Pic Insurance added to the shipping label cost? If so that is where you file a claim.
What does tracking say from UPS?


Your making this to complicated. If the item was shipped by you, to a customer, and you purchased shipping through Amazon, and the customer did not receive the item. The customer needs to file an A-Z Claim for item not received. Then Amazon SHOULD fund the claim, and your metrics wont be hurt. That’s how it works when shipping is purchased through Amazon, sometimes the initial claim is denied, then you need to recite Amazon policy in the appeal.


@BonitaliquidatorsLLC is correct, and that is how it is.

My question to you would be, Who said the package was LOST? USPS never uses that word, it is always in transit. :train2:


I am the dealer and I purchased shipping through Amazon as it is required to do so for 95% of your prime shipping. I used UPS through Amazon.


The only requirement is for TRACKING, 95% , you need to provide a Valid Tracking Number . You can purchase your shipping elsewhere, but you are not protected from INR claims. If you purchase your shipping through Amazon, you Should be protected from Item Not Received.


Prime has differing requirements.


SFP requires the tracking to show delivered for coverage.

I believe I have seen someone on the forum post about how to file with Amazon’s UPS account. Sorry, it looks like I did not bookmark it.