Shipments to Different Addresses for Removal Orders


I am working through my inventory for Removal Orders but some of it I am donating to a local charity. Instead of having it all sent to me… I thought it easiest to keep track of if I made separate removal orders for the charity.

But I have one concern. I’ve noticed in the past when I create removal orders that if for whatever reason I had more than one removal order in the works… that they have put items from both removal orders in the box. Normally this is completely fine with me but I am concerned if I have removal orders going to me… and other removal orders going to my charity that they will mix the removal orders.

Does anyone really know how this works? Do they actually pay attention to shipping addresses for removal orders or do they just go by my seller id?



You can create your removal orders manually using spreadsheet uploads with different shipping addresses

  1. Reports > Fulfillment > Recommended Removal (near bottom of page)
  2. Click on Begin Removal Process (Button)
  3. Click on Upload Flat File (Button on upper right side of page)
  4. Download the template
  5. Enter the shipping address for each copy of the file
  6. Copy the SKUs and quantities you want into the template and save them as tab-delimited files
  7. Upload the files
  8. You can find the uploaded results under Manage Orders



Oops… replied to a different question.

Thanks for the spreadsheet steps Dave! I think it will make life a little easier in shipping removal orders to different addresses. I guess the only way I’ll find out how they ship when you have multiple addresses is just to do it.

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That’s a great idea!

But in any case, I have had removal orders split between addresses and never had a problem with incorrect items being sent.

It’s really just like placing an order on Amazon, pretty sure they process it the exact same way. Order comes through, print shipping label and pick list, pack box send it out.

I would not be worried about them sending things to the wrong place. As with ANY normal Amazon order they may screw up but it’s rare.

Anyways, thanks for the idea about having it sent direct to a charity, good thinking!

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