Shipment not delivered, refund requested



I’ve been selling on Amazon for 4 years and this is the first time I’ve had this issue come up, and I was hoping for any guidance on how to proceed. I shipped an order out on July 15 and the buyer contacted us yesterday (August 1st) to inform us that the parcel was not received and she requested a refund. The tracking shows that the item has not been delivered, so the buyer’s claim is legitimate. I purchased my shipping label from Amazon’s shipping center, so I believe the nondelivery refund would be covered by Amazon, but I am not certain. Should I just proceed with the refund to the buyer or is this in fact covered by Amazon? If the latter is correct, then is there a specific process I need to undertake in order to get the refund back from Amazon?

I tried looking up information in the help section, but did not find any information that precisely answered my questions.

Thank you for any help provided!


2 weeks is not that long these days. If the tracking shows the item is sitting in a poostal center somewhere, you need to advise patience.


You left out the most important part. Where did you purchase the shipping? If it was thru Amazon, Amazon will handle the INR claim, and you do nothing. If shipping was purchased elsewhere, you do what ever you like. :train2:


OP said they got shipping from Amazon. They should be covered for INR.




For many years I was torn between the two long-prevailing schools of thought (yea/nay) among the seasoned forum veterans on actively suggesting a Buyer go straight to opening an A-to-z Claim in any given situation.

I have become increasingly inclined to agree with the former over time, and the present unprecedented circumstances seem to reinforce that.

I like the approach used by one of those vets, our friend JWSMarket (created perhaps with a H/T to another vet of that caliber, our friend SELLC, if memory serves, and mayhaps with further acknowledgment of yet other savvy forum vets who were responsible for creating the long-famed Shanti & Spoony INR letters designed to decrease & deflect scam attempts):


Thank you for your response. The label was purchased from Amazon’s shipping center.


Thank you everyone! I appreciate all the advice and guidance provided!