Shipment never received never shipped? " im ready to lose it, please help"


Hello, maybe someone can help me, I’m all stressed out right now. I went to staples dropped off packages to Lady and Amazon says shipment never received yet, I had 2 different packages go out only 1 out of 2 packages were received. My account is negative and it’s starting to get messed up it seems. I’m a new seller and don’t want to ruin anything over something thats not even a mistake on my end. This has been 2 weeks now and it looks like people have tried to order and nothing available I check the ups tracking and it also says just label created. Please help someone. : / thank you

my fba:FBA16PGH8TRL


It would seem your package was lost. Did you get a receipt when you dropped the package off?


If it says that - it never got scanned. The lady didn’t scan the 2nd package. That means the shipper never picked it up. Because He/She would have scanned it as well. There is a chance it is still sitting there at Staples. Seems simple, but did you try that avenue? Sometimes the simplest solution is the most likely!


Hello and thank you so much for your time. Ok so investigation



I just got back from staples with receipt in my hand, with confirmation and proof that I dropped it off, I am going to call UPS and see what else I can do? And again thank you for your time for advice and helping!!:sunglasses:


yes I just got recepit