Shipment Delivered Last July - 0 Units Received - No Reimbursement


Case is open


Case still open. No resolution.

Shipment delivered last July.


Having read through this thread…possibilities:

  1. theft
  2. robots need reprogramming

AMZ stated recently they are adding MORE Robots to their warehouses to take over human tasks. According to GXO Logistics (NYSE: GXO), only about 5% of current warehouses are automated, but CIO Mark Manduca previously told Modern Shipper that will soon change . “There is still mammoth growth ahead,” Manduca said. “This industry could easily be 50% to 60% automated in the next 10 years, and we’re barely 5% now.”Jun 30, 2022

As for AMZ’s losses it could be related and IMO its related to AMZ becoming more of a “movie studio” and throwing money at movies and streaming services and not paying enough attention to its core businesses.
I have felt that AMZ needs to be broken up, but that’s up to Congress to do.
Without knowing what OP sells, he could take his inventory to other warehouses to fill orders.


This shipment could very well be sitting on a trailer somewhere, or stacked in a corner of a warehouse, or it could be missing entirely.

I don’t really care what happened to it at this point, my business just needs to be fairly reimbursed for the missing shipment.

The fact that nobody at Amazon has responded to this thread, or contacted me directly regarding this issue, is not very encouraging, to say the least.


Still waiting on some kind of resolution on this.

Shipment delivered last JULY.

Please help Amazon.


Still no resolution.


Still no resolution.


This issue is not resolved. Case still open.


Case open, no resolution. This shipment is so old the UPS tracking numbers have expired.


Greetings @Seller_King,

My apologizes for not catching this thread sooner, there are only so many folks in the Forums and this wasn't captured but I recognize the urgency. Do you mind providing the Case ID that is still open but is delayed in resolution? I want to review and escalate this issue on your behalf if possible. Thank you.



Case id 11036233841

Thank you. Please please help get this resolved.


Greetings @Seller_King,

I've reached out to our internal team for escalation. They should reach out shortly as they attempt to review and expedite this case. Thank you for your patience.



Looking forward to it. Still no resolution.

Thanks for helping. Hopefully I hear from seller support soon.


Still hoping for a resolution. Nothing yet.


Greetings @Seller_King,

Thank you for your patience. So I've heard back from our escalations team and at this time there is no path to expedite these investigations. There is a limited number of investigators that complete these inbound shipment reviews and at this time there is a backlog of investigations which are being worked from oldest to newest. I know this isn't ideal and I've looked for all options, but at this time the only option is to wait. At this time as your case is still open the investigators should reply when they become available. Thank you for your understanding.



Thank you for replying. Hopefully Amazon is urgently hiring more “investigators”. If large amounts of inventory goes missing, there needs to be more urgency to resolve the issue.



Yes, Amazon is prioritizing hiring and training more investigators all the time. However, due to the complexities of this type of investigation, hiring and training can take a long time. But Amazon does see this backlog as important to resolve.



I hope so.

Still no resolution.


Still hoping for a resolution.


No resolution. Why could it take so many months to issue a reimbursement? Please help Amazon. This is not encouraging for anyone using FBA.