Ship From Address?


Hello totally new here and very confused. I went to add a product already on amazon, found a product, selected new for condition, clicked “apply to sell” got approved and went through the offer page. Now im on the “send to amazon” page and it is asking for a “ship from” address and im totally lost as what to put. Im not buying from a source like Alibaba. Im totally lost on what to do from here so any help at all is greatly apprieciated.


If you are shipping the product from your home or warehouse, then the “ship from” would be that address ( assuming you are not trying to set up FBA product).

You might want to take a few moments and spend some time on Seller University to get up to speed. Many mistakes can be made and some can prove to be fatal to your account when you don’t know.

Try this and go from there


I am trying to do FBA… i have watched almost all of the Seller University videos and Im still confused. IM not selling the items from my home nor am i getting it from somebody like alibaba. i just searched a product on amazon and hit sell on amazon. how do i know what address to put then? im so confused


guess what you did :sunglasses:

for the send to amazon address needed, it would be wherever your products are before you send them to the amazon warehouse(s).
you really should go thru the training modules in seller university. amazon is not the place to figure it out. mistakes can get your account closed, money and products taken and you will never sell here again. it happens to sellers everyday.


I have watched them over and over and its making me feel like an idiot because im just not understanding. so i found a product on amazon, asked permission to sell it and they approved it. so now im on the send to amazon page and asking for a ship from address. so do i go back to the amazon listing and see who it is sold by and put their address? because on the amazon listing i chose it says its sold by
“golief” and shipped by “amazon”.


and i clicked on the sold by link and looking the their profile its a chinese address i believe. so do i put that for the ship from?


OMG your trying to ship it from China? Or do you have a supplier in China and you want it shipped to Amazon FBA? and if your “New” here I would send the 1st one to myself to inspect it! All manner of bad things can happen at this point into your amazon account if you don’t slow down, be methodical, and learn what to do before charging headlong into this endeavor!


you are not ready to list anything yet, if that’s the way you are trying to work it.
buying on amazon to resell on amazon is a terrible business idea that you probably got from an amazon guru video of some sort.
even buying retail online or off is an easy way to lose your acct.

actually they did not give you permission at all. amazon expects you to have brand approval before adding to any listing. they don’t gate all listings.

this page is for sending your stock to the amazon FBA program warehouses. and, you don’t have product in hand as you are trying to do arbitrage selling (do buy it till someone orders it from you).
just not looking good at all.


What do you suggest is the best way to go about getting product to sell then? i know people use alibaba but it seems like the shipping costs and the shipping time is extremely high and long


You absolutely do not buy something from amazon to sell on Amazon.



Clicking “sell yours” and getting Amazon approval to list a product in no way actually purchased your specific inventory that you will sell on Amazon.

Amazon is not like Shopify, where you “add” products to your “store” to be purchased by customers and shipped to them by a supplier.

:arrow_down: Click the blue text and read this whole post all the way through:


where do you suggest the best and safest place is to get products fto sell


Wholesale sources.

Many many people have been banned for life buying items on amazon to then resell on amazon


Yea I missed that part. That would be instant annihilation. When I look things here from a nine mile high view, I suddenly get the sense that amazon has created a system that has a “Barrier to entry” built right into it - as far as the learning curve goes.


I guess the confusing frustrating part is most of the new sellers that get on here either watches a You Tube Guru tell them they can make money - possibly millions. Or perhaps a friend of a friend that sells on Amazon and they want to jump in the water. Where are these people when these “new fish” really need help? Long gone! Where is Amazon support? They ultimately end up here and It’s up to us forum members to give them the bad news and show them the ropes I guess… :sweat::disappointed_relieved::sleepy:


Well i thank you for giving me any info and tips. Im going to go ahead and slow down and start all over


No problem. I’m here to help! :wink:


where do you suggest the best and safest place is to get products to sell

This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? :rofl:

There is obviously no single answer to it. If ‘ABC Supply’ (a made-up company) was the “best” source, then immediately, millions of sellers would buy their product and list it on Amazon and they’d each try to undercut the other’s price to get the sale, and as a result, the product would become worthless and ‘ABC Supply’ would no longer be a good supplier.

Do you see?

You can’t come to Amazon without a product to sell and expect to make any sales. The same way you couldn’t open a bricks-and-mortar store, not put anything on the shelves, and expect to create a successful business.

To enter retail, you need to have a product to sell. Picking a good one is HARD. Not everything sells. Sometimes things sell, but not profitably. Deciding on the market you want to enter takes a lot of time and research.

Start with some ideas about what you might want to sell. When you have a product possibility, consider things like -

  • Where would you obtain it?
  • How much would it cost?
  • Would you be allowed to sell it on Amazon? (This may require BOTH permission from Amazon, and permission from the brand owner)
  • How much do you think you could sell it for?
  • What are the expenses involved in selling it? (Amazon selling fees, shipping fees to the buyer, costs of shipping boxes and packing material)
  • Would there be a worthwhile profit after all costs and expenses?

Be prepared to run into roadblocks at every turn. Many brand owners protect their brands, and don’t allow third-party sellers (you, me, us) to sell their products on Amazon. Many products have too many other competitors to give you any chance at the sale. Even if you could take the sale away from them, you might have to do so at such a low price that you lose money on the transaction.

ECommerce is not easy. It takes a lot of work, a lot of trial and error, and for many sellers, a lot of failure before you find the formula for your success.


Be sure that you do not close your account, rather you should downgrade it and go through Seller University. Went through it multiple times? Go through it again.

It appears by what I read in your posts that you do not have the product on-hand (or any product/supplier at all). I’ve seen this type of thing before from other posts, where someone seems to think that all they have to do is open a listing, and Amazon does all the work - This is not how it works.

Here are some things that you should do before selling:

  • Read the rules, again and again until you’ve got them figured out. Have a question? Ask it and a lot of sellers here will be willing to help, so long as you’ve exhausted every avenue to learn it (meaning Seller University and searching the Seller Forums).
  • Find a supplier that’s willing to sell you an item with valid invoices. On top of that, you should also ask if you’re allowed to sell it on Amazon - get it in writing from the manufacturer. Don’t ask anyone here for a supplier, you’re likely to never get a response to this. Everyone here has enough competitors, they don’t want another one.
  • Really go through and figure out a business model. Different things work for different people. Some think FBA is the way to go, they send a bulk pallet into Amazon and figure out their fees to draw a profit. Others have found more success fulfilling orders themselves, doing quite the same - figuring out fees and drawing a profit.
  • Don’t buy from Alibaba or Amazon to sell here, it likely won’t end up well for you.

There is a lot to figure out when selling on Amazon, these are just some of the things I thought of. You can make a lot of profit, but ensure that you know the rules inside-and-out, Amazon does not toy around.


Do you physically have the item? You can’t just find something on Amazon and then list to sell it. ou have to procure the item, get approval from not only Amazon, but the manufacturer/brand and then to do FBA, send it into Amazon to be listed.