Sharing the Buy Box


I read on here the other day that if the low priced sellers were within a certain percentage of each other that the Buy Box would alternate between them. Is that correct and what is the percentage under which that applies?



The code is impossible to break, but in most cases, lowest prices wins the buybox, but if you are within a certain low percentage you will share the buybox. I try and price my items so they are a little higher than the lowest price. By pricing them a little higher I usually don’t scare the lower sellers and hopefully it is not a race to see who will hit bottom first.
This gets me a share in the buybox without forcing low price even lower.


It’s usually when two seller’s are in a “dead heat” on the price, with one another.
Other factor’s such as rating % may also play a determinant role in the decision.

It’s a matter of personal choice, but I’ve never wanted to be in that “coveted” spot.
The margins don’t attract my interest. I prefer to focus on where my time & money can generate the maximum amount of ROI, and profitability. That way, I can purchase and ship less, while minimizing the expenses, and maximizing the profits.

It’s a “more for less” formula for success.

Conversely, the Buy Box works real well for high volume items that sell fast, at low margins. What’s lost in “penny profit” is gained in gross sales volume.


Hi Nonies,

The Buy Box is a very popular and much speculated about topic. As we’ve said before, the following factors are some of the criteria used to determine who will win the Buy Box:

  • Price (including product price and shipping cost)
  • Availability (in-stock status and shipping speed)
  • Volume
  • Refunds
  • Customer Feedback
  • A-to-z Guarantee Claims

Please understand that the full details for selection criteria are proprietary and we are unable to give you more specifics than this.


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