Share your unique story and connect with customers with the new A+ feature: Brand Story


Stand out from the competition and connect with your customers by sharing your unique story using the new A+ Brand Story feature. With this new feature, you can now highlight elements of your Brand story separately from your product features using engaging visual content in a dedicated slot of the detail page called, ‘From the brand’.

With A+ Content, Brand owners registered in Brand Registry can increase sales by 5% by adding images and text into 5 - 7 different content modules highlighting elements of your brand and product-level features, which render in the ‘Product Description’ section of the detail page.

The new A+ Brand Story feature can help you stand out from the competition and connect with your customers by sharing your unique story. With this new feature, you can now highlight key elements of your brand and products without needing to repurpose any of your existing A+ modules. The Brand Story feature creates a section separate from your product features in a dedicated slot of the detail page called, ‘From the brand’.

With A+ Brand Story, you can simply set up a single version of brand-focused content and publish it to all ASINs within your Brand, reserving the rich content in the Product Description section of the detail page for supplemental feature information at a product level.

This feature is designed to be an immersive carousel-based module for the Customer to learn about your Brand. You can easily add a distinctive background image and then apply up to 19 cards/tiles of content using four pre-formatted layouts, with one offering a way to link back to your Brand’s store. The module is also device-responsive to provide an optimized experience on desktop and mobile.

Go to the A+ Content Manager to start creating your Brand Story.


This sounds handy.

Wasn’t this previously a vendor option?


Is there an example of where this content will display, as well as detailed step on where to find it ?


It’s in your Advertising tab, “A+ Content Manager”. " Brand Story"

It’s been out for several months and funny enough they let you add modules but didn’t previously tell you the limit. It just wouldn’t save your draft if you went over the mysterious number.

Also good to note that on Mobil devices it’s hard to tell there is anything to the right (the carousel is not obvious). Customers will scroll right past thinking it’s only an image on the listing.


Really great note and tip on using Carousels mate! This is where this community is at its best. Just a small tip or trick like this that you didn’t have to share but did anyway is hugely encouraging. Drinks are on me if ever you’re in Austin haha.


Has anyone done this yet? If so, did you have issues with having it approved? We keep on getting an error message due to image keywords.


Would be great if they gave us some examples of it being used


I wouldn’t consider this “mobile friendly”. As PercyonAMZ pointed out, it’s not intuitive enough to know it’s an area that customers can swipe. My guess is many people will simply scroll down thinking it’s just an image.


I did it. You can see what it’s like if you do a search for this asin:


I think it’s pretty good, but the content should be below the product a + content, not above it. It should also have action to go to the brand’s store, in my opinion.


I don’t see a “From the Brand” section for your ASIN. Is it still live? I’d love to see an example.

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