SFP Oversize being tracked as Standard


I have a few listings that did not have the dimensions and weight fully configured. I edited them before February 1, but they are still getting page views showing being counted as Standard instead of Oversize.

Here is a screenshot from one of the product’s “More Details” config. Am I missing something here?


I have the same issue. I messaged Seller Support 2 days ago and they said I had to send the item into FBA for correct adjustment. I told them Amazon has sold the item in the past or still does (on other listings) and they have measurements, all to no help and saying they can’t confirm the measurements. Guess an FBA is required unless someone else hears/advises otherwise.


You have to send to FBA to correct a SFP size error?


Yeah I know crazy, that’s what Seller Support told me on a few of my listings. Since, I’ve had to deactivate Prime templates on said listings because of an incorrect DIMM/weight standard classification (multiple seller central listing update attempts wouldn’t push the correct true oversize data to populate as oversize tag in SFP dash)


Heavens to Mergatroid.