Several Hundred of Total Book Inventory Neither Active Nor Inactive?


When I add together my Active Inventory number plus the Inactive Inventory number it is several hundred less than the Total Inventory number.




My active + inactive is one more than my total.

Merry gitchmas.


I have never bothered checking, and doubt they would match more than just once in awhile.

To the OP: no explanation, but I would urge you to delete all inactive, and periodically continue to delete all inactive.

There’s no sense getting a policy warning or suspension based on the fact that a detail page you listed against in 2002 has now been hijacked to a prohibited item. And this is not just a risk I am making up. It happens.

If you do delete regularly, you will notice some very, very strange numbers associated on those top headers (the number in parentheses associated with Inactive). Sometimes it is accurate – is often accurate. But sometimes, and this is typical for up to 24 hours after you delete all, that number may be picked out of a hat – ranging from a single digit number to tens of thousands.


Try this procedure to see whether it accounts for some of the “missing” items:

From Manage Inventory, sort on the column labelled Status. Toggle it both ways, up and down to see if any oddities float to the surface.

There are some status designations that are not included in the equation Active + Inactive = “All” Status Incomplete is one example.


Thanks Bookwormapril and Sallyanne. I deleted several thousand Inactive listings yesterday and toggling Status I see several hundred listed as Incomplete.

How long does it take for Amazon to finish removing Incomplete listings?


I don’t know the answer to that, I rarely have incomplete listings unless they are something that needs fixing, and then I fix it.

I would give it 48 hours to shake all the kinks out before you see what’s what.


It may take a while for the servers to process the deletions.

Were you deleting out-of-stock/sold items with a quantity of zero? or deleting deadwood with quantity >0?


How many days do you mean by “a while”?

This was all out-of-stock/sold items with a quantity of zero or closed because I sold them on another site.

Nothing was deadwood with quantity > 0,


Did you change the quantity to zero for the items you sold on another site, before you deleted the items?

I would wait for 72 hours, and check the list of incompletes again for any anomalies. You would then need to open a case with seller support and pray they refer it to the appropriate team.

I delete the listings for sold items on a regular basis. I once had an offer that was out of stock / sold, and deleted manually, but remained with an incomplete status for months.

I have wondered whether these sorts of problems are a contributing factor in the phenomenon of ‘ghost listings.’