Sent Inventory partially shown, but remaining not in reserved column



I understand it takes Amazon USA time to distribute all of inventory across different locations, however I do have some queries:

Why for Amazon USA, is the inventory split partially in available partially in reserved?, especially as for Amazon UK all the inventory sent, once received, all is available.


Some of my Inventory we shipped is missing, and not shown in the reserved column? Has it been lost, or how to check where it is? (unable to reconcile shipment as not available yet)


Hello, I recently went through this myself! We shipped, say, 50 units, and once the shipment is set as “Closed” by Amazon they only received some of the units (say 37). It can take Amazon time to unbox and sort of out the item, so wait until the shipment says “Closed”. But even after that, some items are set as “Reserved” because they may be sent to other fulfillment centers, and it can take time to send those out and have those received by that center. Is it possible that there is only one fulfillment center in Amazon UK? I’m not really sure how that works.

Anyway, if your shipemtn says “Closed” (as mine did) and all items were not received, you will need to file a Reconciliation in which you upload a copy of your packing slip and any other information to alert Amazon to review and research the missing items.

Sorry if this is confusing, I was actually searching the forums for information on this myself as I’m currently going through this process.


Appreciate the insight The_Art_of_Broth, and yes as you mentioned after about a two week lead time, all of the inventory is now available.

In the UK there is one hub, that also ships to Europe as well.