Sending my products to fba in a box?


Hi guys, I am selling a product that I put in a box, the size of box is 664, I put the SKU label top of the box and send them to Amazon, now I will send 600 hundred of them and I need to use a pallet. Amazon wants me to input units and box, my every unit is a box. However, if I choose each unit is a box amazon wants me to use box label for each unit.

How can I avoid this situation? Can I use just SKU label and place them on a pallet and sent them without printing box label?


Are you only sending that one SKU in?


The most exterior boxes on the pallet need to have FBA box labels on them. Each sellable unit must have an FNSKU label.

If you want to avoid putting FBA box labels on each box, you’ll need to pack multiple units in another box before palletizing.


Yes just one SKU


Yes, I know that. So there is now sending them without box labels then. The point is why do they need the box label, I do not want to send them in a box since my product is a box. My product box is pretty small so that is why I do not want to use box labels.


forgive me if I am misunderstanding- you’re having to put your small boxes (product) into a larger box to palletize the shipment?


yes but I do not want to use larger boxes, just want to palletize my products without larger boxes.


Then you’ll need a FBA box label on each box. Yes, I agree that if the box has an FNSKU, it should not need the FBA box label…if it is a single SKU.


I think you’re making this way more complicated than it needs to be. Use large boxes and pack them full of your product, then you’ll have fewer box labels to print. The purpose for the box labels is to keep track of your inventory as they move it from FC to FC. Without that you are risking the very real probability that they will lose your inventory.


Yes, all of them are same product


I can use box, however amazon wants to the boxes under 50lb which makes 30 products per 1 box since my product weighs around 1.5lb. I am trying to avoid using boxes if possible. Thank you for the reply btw


how many units are you sending in, total?




so, 20 boxes? That’s 20 box labels. It’s not too bad


Yes, the problem is I could do one pallet if I did not use outer boxes. Now I did 2 pallets since I do not have exact sized big boxes for my products to fit in perfectly. Thank you all for replying and helping me.