Sending Case Packed Items to FBA, Replenishing With Same Quantity?


I have been sending case packed items to Amazon for some time now but received a warning a few days ago. I understand that each box for a shipment must have equal amount of units when sending case packed items. But what about when you replenish inventory? If in the past I have sent boxes that contain 12 units each, do I always need to send a box that contains 12 units? When Replenishing inventory can I now send say a box of 24 units given that this will be a new shipment? Or will I always need to send those 12 units per box since that is what I originally sent? Thanks in advance.


The answer to your question is that you can send as many or few as you want. You don’t have to send the same amount every time. But, I’m curious what the warning was for. I’ve never heard of a warning for sending a different amount to replenish. What exactly did the warning say?


The warning was due to prep and packaging. Supposedly my box quantities were not matching.


This probably means they think you were sometimes declaring you would ship, say, 24 items and you were actually shipping 22 or 25.


your quantities much match what you say you are sending, period. if you continually violate this, they will get angry and could even pause or terminate your account.

be very careful what you send, and make sure you’re sending the proper amounts.

and yes, you can send different quantity case packs. this week it could be 12-packs, next week it could be 36-packs, so long as you’re sending in shipments to their standards.


The bolded section is what most sellers violate.

Case-packed products
All products in a box will have matching SKU and condition and will have been previously packaged together by the manufacturer.

All boxes with the same product will contain equal quantities of that product in each box. For example, a case-pack of 24 units must always contain 24 units.

While receiving this type of shipment, the fulfillment center scans one unit from the box and the box is placed in inventory. There is no need to scan every unit because they are all the same.

Watch this brief video for examples of how to prep your products for shipment to and storage in Amazon fulfillment centers.

[How to Ship Case-Packed Items to an Amazon Fulfillment Center|]


I just had trouble with this as well. Apparently, you have to edit the case quantity somewhere to do this correctly. (Because sometimes even manufacturers change the case quantity.)

BTW, they used to scan each item. I guess they changed their mind on that.

Now, if they’d just let me have a PALLET count, and I would allowed to send full pallets, we could save a lot of time and money.

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