Sending a replacement to the buyer


Hello, we received bad feedback saying that the box of the product was broken. We then contacted the buyer asking them if they would like a replacement for the order since the box of the product was broken (these are collectible figures). The buyer said yes and appreciated it.

Since this was an FBA order and we do not have the address of the buyer to send the replacement. We are worried about asking the buyer for their address to send the replacement and then having Amazon suspend us or take actions against us because we requested their address for a replacement. I am not worried about them screwing me over, I’m just worried about Amazon taking actions against me for requesting the buyers address to send the replacement.

Thank you and any advice is greatly appreciated.



This happens to us multiple times a day, every day. I typically will tell the customer the truth. “We can definitely get that taken care of for you. Is there any way you would be able to provide us with a good shipping address? Unfortunately, since Amazon shipped out your order, they do not provide us with any form of shipping information to get that replacement sent out to you.” - or something along those lines. It has yet to be an issue on our end. I think if you make the point to mention Amazon blocks access to the order, you should be good, however, I am unable to guarantee that. It just hasn’t been a problem for us yet. Worst case scenario you can always send the customer over to Amazon.


They can get a replacement from Amazon. Don’t send them anything.


Amazon does not recognize replacements sent by the seller. Just have them contact Amazon to either return for credit or replacement.

If you send a replacement, you may be out 2 products and your $$$


Tell them to contact Amazon if they are unsure how to return a broken or damaged item. Do not send a replacement.

Return --> Purchase new item.


I contacted Amazon Support and they advised me to advise the buyer to make a replacement request through Amazon. I appreciate your advice.