Send all books in one Batch?


Hello guys, I recently started selling books through amazon, initially it was a bit slower and I would have batches of 20-30books but recently some got backed up and i have about 100books to send into FBA. My main issue is that I am trying to keep them in smaller shipments (already arranged them in boxes where they are below 40lbs and about 25-30books/box and when I go to print out labels it keeps forcing me to split the shipment. Played around and I cant get it to ship together in the boxes I had arranged so

My question is, would it be best to just scan and label all 100 books then let amazon decide how to ship them? Or is there a better way? This would also be to put into practice for future shipments since Im hoping to ramp up my sourcing a bit in the coming weeks.

Thank you for the help!


Amazon may split any shipping plan into three locations. This is why they tell you not to seal any boxes.

I am not a book seller. But I’d say if they want a few books to go to one location but most go to another, take those out of the plan. Add them to the next shipment and see what happens.

You do know that you can sell FBM and pay no FBA fees and no storage costs.