Selling used video games now impossible?


I have been selling used video games for the past three months or so. I have probably sold 25-30 total. I have three currently listed still. One of the games listed is ranked high and I found another one at a goodwill store so I bought it.

I literally have the same game listed active right now and I can’t list this second one because it “requires approval.” Why do used video games require approval all of a sudden? Why doesn’t amazon just let you sell your crap? I guess it’s ebay or craigslist from now on? Does amazon realize how fast they are going to collapse once all of the small time sellers that made them what they are today leave and PR turns against the company? It happens. Look how many major companies failed when they got away from doing what made them succeed in the first place.


Because ‘crap’ is on the prohibited items list … :slight_smile:

Seriously though … any ASIN or category can become ‘gated’ at any time. Amazon is all about protecting the customer and you can’t prove any game bought used somewhere is not a knockoff.

Likely much easier …

Apparently not very fast at all. This is nothing new, talking about ‘gating’, and they are still going strong.

I get where you’re coming from … but if you look at things from the other side it’s easy to see that Amazon may not want to be the same type marketplace as eBay.


There’s nothing “sudden” about it. Many games do not have any gating for used copies. A few do. And that list will constantly change. You just have to deal with it.

The key is diversification. Don’t rely on one title or one product type to make your money…if you’re serious about selling, that is. If you’re not, Ebay or Craigslist is indeed likely the way to go.

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