Selling product to amazon CA/MX as FBM from U.S



We are currently trying to sell the product to / from U.S.
Upon some research there is a way of doing it via “FBA export” or “Remote FBA (invitation only-does not apply to our account at the moment)”.
Therefore, i was wondering how it will be process when selling the item as FBM send the product directly to the customer. What will the fee, shipping, custom fee, and ETC…
If someone can provide us with the detail information it will be a great help.

Thank you.


There is zero way to give you detailed information about shipping, customs fees, etc, without knowing the weights, price and dimensions of an item.

You can contact dhl e-commerce for some quotes.



Thank you for the reply,

I was looking for detail about the process or any additional fee or percentage that amazon may take.
For example, when processing using the ‘FBA export’ it shows that the customer will be paying for the shipping + custom fees. However, when we process via FBM shipping directly to the customer, will those fees included during the check-out? or is it something that we will need to pay separately during the shipment?

Any information will be great help.

Thank you.


if your orders are being placed on and shipping out of the country then the buyer is responsible for all customs duties.

If you are selling on and and you are shipping from the USA then YOU are responsible for any customs duties. As well as having an address to accept returns in those countries. if you do not then you will also be responsible for all return label costs. Or fully refund without a return. Also Amazon will charge you an additional 3% currency conversion fee when it’s time to pay you from those countries.

So when we were on we used DHL ecommerce.
They shipped the items from USA to the buyers in CA.
If during import the item value was above a certain $$ amount a custom fee would be applied. DHL paid those fees so the order would not get stuck in customs. Then they bill us weekly/monthly (depending on how your account was setup) for all the duties they paid.

Long story short…we now only sell on The others don’t bring enough sales to the table to make it worth the trouble. You’re better off opening to international buyers if that’s what you feel you need to do.