Selling product required certification by US law


Hi folks,

I’d like to ask your thoughts/opinion about selling products that required certification/testing by US law (not by amazon).

For example, car seats require proper testing/certification, but I know for sure there are some sellers on amazon that sells car seats that never were tested by US certified authorities and do not have proper certification (some of them do have certs from other countries, when the law required US certificate and testing in specifics labs).

How this is possible? Does amazon have any policy about it?

Thank you


If you read the participation agreement you will find that sellers are required to comply with all applicable laws.

That does not mean that Amazon will engage in a systematic campaign to enforce any specific law.

Amazon does, when advised of a violation in a manner it deems credible, enforce this requirement of the participation agreement by removing the listing or the seller.


Thank you, Lake.

I thought there should be something like this, but looks like people are still selling things without complying with US law.

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