Selling Partner API - How to access Order Item Customization data (info)


Hi guys, we are implementing SP Orders API and we are struggling to access any customization data.

We can access the buyer_info if we retrived a list of OrderItems payload but all the values come back empty:

‘buyer_customized_info’ => null
‘gift_wrap_price’ => null
‘gift_wrap_tax’ => null
‘gift_message_text’ => null
‘gift_wrap_level’ => null

When we try to access OrderItemsBuyerInfo directly we get an error message:
{ “errors”: [ { “code”: “InvalidInput”, “message”: “Application do not have access to some or all requested resource”, “details”: “” } ] }

Our questions now are:

  1. Are we missing any particular role permissions?
  2. Are we looking to access customization data on the wrong endpoint?



Personally, I don’t know anything about API.

But, if you go to your Seller Central main page, and key in API into the empty search block at the top of the page, it will bring you to everything API.

I hope you find your answer.


Looking at the object I don’t see any PII which would require PII access. I would open a support ticket with Amazon asking if PII is necessary and if not which role is necessary to get access to that endpoint.