Selling on multiple marketplaces


We are looking at expanding into another Marketplace in the near future and were wondering about Throttle limits.

Are throttle limits per marketplace or throttle limits per requests?
a) If throttle limit per marketplace, do we receive an additional limit as having one marketplace?
a1) EX: #Marketplace X Limit
b) Per Request: Do i add in the additional MarketplaceID per request?
MarketplaceID1 =ATVPDKIKX0DER & MarketplaceID2= A2EUQ1WTGCTBG2


Not sure what you want to know. We sell on 4 different on-line venues and in 5 of our own independent web sites, and have only heard of throttle limits on Amazon. :train2:


Per this documentation:

“Requests are calculated for each Amazon seller account and Amazon MWS developer account pair”

To my knowledge, you need to make a separate call per marketplace.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA


The answer is complicated. The request and hourly throttles are by API endpoint. (some endpoints have multiple marketplaces, the NA region may have multiple endpoints depending upon how your developer account is registered) Some of the calls have additional item limit throttling, The item limits are per marketplace ID.

Endpoints and requests that support multiple marketplaces can service requests for multiple marketplaces with a single call.

Good for you. Checking the category before you post might help you understand the question.