Selling on Amazon USA as a Non-US citizen


Hello all , I am new in the group a kindle questions …
we are analyzing to start to sell in USA trough AMAZON FBA and we are worried about taxes.

The characteristics of our company

• We are 3 persons not a US citizen or resident, we want to sell products through AMAZON FBA .
• Our products will be purchased and fulfilled with providers in USA and they will be sell in USA trough AMAZON FBA
• The 3 of us will be owner of the company as members and we will operate doing task of manager. We will NOT have workers
• The cashflow of the company (income and expenses) will be in American dollars U$S. It is NOT necessary currency of our residency.


  1. Which Legal and Tax Status is Needed for Non-U.S. Citizens to Start Amazon FBA on Amazon ? such as Limited Liability Company, or LLC.? What are the steps ?
  2. I need to open a account bank in USA ? what characteristic have to have ?
  3. What are the taxes that we have to pay ?? federal or for state? how are they calculated (over Net income)?


Hi @BeKind1! Start with this Seller forum thread and read through all of the links…:

…including this: New Seller Checklist

and this: Info: Why was my account suspended, immediately after registration?, paying special attention here for information for International Sellers.

Then head to Seller University to watch the videos, particularly the ones about FBA.

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The easiest way is to have a resident agent in the USA to handle it for you, and select one in person. there will be a lot more involver than you think. Your LLC will be treated as a USA citizen, and it will have to pay yearly taxes to operate. The LLC will get federal and state licenses to operate, not in your personal name, but the LLC’s name. For banking, there will have to be an account opened in the name of the LLC, not your personal names. Open an account with an international bank such as Barkley’s, HSBC, or UBS, after the LLC is processed. They will have accounts in Dollars and your home country currency, and the dollar account will be in English. And then there is the process of importing your products into the USA. Some one is going to have to handle problems at the port of entry if and when when they occur, as well as inspect the shipment for damages. As you can see, this is going to cost a lot, if you do not do it your self.

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