Selling on Amazon Canada?


I have alot of Canadian customers for my products. I understand that I would have to open a seperate amazon account and apply to be a merchant on the Canada side of things. Has anyone here done this? Is it a big hassle?
I think 30% or more of my sales could be Canada. Europe could be very big for me as well. We ship many items to Europe daily.



A lot of canadians shop on Having a duplicate platform may not get you enough additional exposure to be worth it.

Also be aware that all you would get there would be a shipping allowance designed for internal Canadian postage - no more international postage allowances for packages shipped from the US to Canada.


It is ! Depending on the price of your products your customers would be assessed taxes and duties also. If they are buying on Amazon I’d stay there. I’m not sure what you sell but a ton of US product is listed or comes up when you search for it on (books for sure). Also remember Canada has only 10% of the population of the USA and the Canucks don’t seem shop online as much.

I wouldn’t bother.


I am on both platforms, but probably not for long. The shipping increase set to take place next week will all but shut me down on - too bad, I started to make some real progress on the site as far as numbers go.


On Ebay approx 30-40% of my sales are overseas with most of them to Canada. Shipping to Canada via US post office does not cost much at all. I have not one single order on the side to ship to Canada out of many shipped over the past few months. I think something may be preventing them from ordering. For the items I ship the extra shipping is mo\inor and Canadian customers pay duties on their end. The comment abotu Canada being 10% of US population is true. However Canadians are seeking my items, especially many they cant get easily over there or at a decent price. Therefore they are buying MORE within what I offer to Canada. Furthermore returns and hassles are far less. Returns on Amazon are 4-5X Ebay with most saying they buy items and change their minds. Maybe on books Canada is not a great market.


I sold media on there for many years and didn’t do much business. It was way more hassle than it was worth and as others have mentioned, unless you ship internally within Canada all of your sales are subject to customs tariffs and the new USPS rates are a killer when you consider the Canadian domestic postage reimbursement from .ca. HTH


I get amused to hear about how backwards Americans think Canada is. When we started a tech company six years ago, I couldn’t believe how archaic the internet was in the US. We couldn’t operate in the US because not enough users had high speed internet to be able to use our product. I assumed that everyone had fast internet like 90% of the population had access to in Canada for five years prior to that.

Things today are now similar in both countries. Most people have high speed access today. I understand that free wifi is available in most cities in the US now like Canada has had for many years.

As for online shopping in Canada and online use, Canada leads the world in internet usage:

[Vancouver Sun article|]

Most Canadians order from Canadian companies so that might be why you didn’t get many orders from Canadians.

As per the customs and duty charges, if you are selling on to a domestic market, the seller is responsible for all customs, duty, and brokerage charges. I can’t find the section that shows this but I assume it would be similar to someone in the US ordering domestically on .com.

But you’re right: It’s best not to bother selling to Canadians. Leave it to Canadian companies. :slight_smile:


Not trying to start a pissing match between the two countries. Its just, you’re wrong when you say “As for online shopping in Canada and online use”, Canada leads the world in internet usage. Canadians spend much less on e-commerce sales per capita, even if they “lead the world in internet usage”

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Things can change a lot in 5 years. Pay attention to the dates on threads before bringing back a 5 year old topic.


We started with a US account and then added products to Amazon.CA when we saw that many customers were from Canada. While it is another platform, it isn’t really another separate and full account. In your settings you can activate either Canada or Mexico and then transfer your items over automatically. Immediately address the pricing and shipping issue on the Canadian side. Right now, due to the exchange rate, one Canadian dollar is equal to .79 cents US. It goes up an down. Shipping is significant as well. Something that costs me around $14 to ship in the US is generally around $40 to ship to Canada. Plus the buyer will have a small import fee. Overall I find it is better to have our products available on as opposed to simply shipping from the US version as I can better control pricing and shipping variances. - Just my two cents


Necrothread from 2013.

Nuff said.


Explain Why you have So many Canadian Buyers…I don’t see them as much different from US Buyers…

Winter Related Stuff?


I also see many Canadian buyers. All of Canada Amazon sales we had were through Amazon CA. As I am in Australia, I am sending everything myself and shipping cost is same for US and Canada, so this is not an issue for me.
I am registered on both US and Canada and here is where it gets annoying.
Despite both accounts being linked (and you can switch marketplace without logging out), EVERY listing has to be duplicated which takes lots of time. For us, for some reason, Amazon can not find ASIN or UPS as I list the product, so I have t manually copy all fields (don’t have product upload setup yet). Yes, as you enter listing details, Amazon finally realises that same product already exists on US site and offers to use it. You just have to put prices in CDN.

I would strongly suggest adding CA marketplace – it does bring in more sales.


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