Selling Nintendo Products


@AngelicPretty, has pointed out why this happened. Bad Third-party actors, have made life difficult for the good guys again.


So you think Amazon sellers that have had a clean record for 10+ years should be punished because of what some other sellers did?


It isn’t fair but apparently, Nintendo has had enough.


Contact the carrier and recall the package if you believe you will be unable to obtain approval from Nintendo to be able to continue selling their products on the site.


Guess you dont’ have 100’s of Nintendo items for sale hu?


This only affects Nintendo brand games and products. Third party games, by say Capcom or EA Sports are still sellable.


Actually, I am a long time seller of Nintendo official merchandise, that’s why it concerns me when seeing all the knock-off copies. So far I have been only offering them for sale in Europe as I sell different items in the USA.


I was about to bring this up as well. It will be interesting to see if the game maker or the platform takes priority when the listings start going down.

Meanwhile, I’ll be getting in touch with someone I know who works for Nintendo in my state to see if he can help get me through the approval process.


What are people doing about the “removal fees will only be waived by 10/31” thing? Are you going one at at a time through everything to see what’s gated? I have no idea how to handle my inbound stuff either.


Well for us U.S. folks who have been selling legit Nintendo products for years on Amazon and to be told all your listings are going to be removed and you can not sell any Nintendo items anymore all in the same day with zero warning is complete BS! And yea they say you can apply to sell items but make it almost impossible to do unless you are some large corp. seller and pushing out the moms and pops sellers. Really just awful what they do and how they go about it. Not sure how anyone can think the way they went about it is even remotely OK!


I suppose you wouldn’t be willing to tell us about the process, in your attempt to get ungated?


Not to seem unsympathetic, but you should have known that Nintendo was a registered trademark and you should have been aware that at anytime Nintendo could reach out to Amazon to enforce their rights and protect their brand.

I’m sensing a lot of hostility towards Amazon, but you should redirect your anger towards Nintendo.


Nintendo is a gated product. You must show a chain of possession - ie., manufacturer’s invoice, permission to sell the product, and have gone through Amazon’s approval process.
This has always been this way.
And… since we are headed into Q4 — so far I’ve not seen anyone that says they have been able to pass toy - electronics - etc.
Best of luck,


I agree Amazon is not to blame Nintendo could have told them to do this.People complaining about the money the can’t make instead of being happy with the money they made with Amazon.


No warning, that’s all Amazon. At least give seller some time and an heads up. Really you think sending out a letter the same day is ok? Also right before the holidays.


My hostility lies with counterfeiters and “reproduction” makers (aka counterfeiters), same as its always been.


Truer sellers will a just find something else to sell and keep it moving. Let’s just hope Amazon doesn’t Gate everything and become it’s own store and then we are all will be screwed.


My ebay store just got bigger.


You can all say what you want an I am sure that is a partial factor but Amazon has create new product pages for allot of these items and calling them “renewed” for example [Super NES System (Renewed) and they are pushing out the lower priced items so they can make more of a profit. In the end it’s about them making more money and this is how they do it. Again I am sure counterfeit plays into it some but it’s mostly about them making more money by being the only game in town. And again the way it was done is really terrible. No heads up just send out a letter the same day. At least with the Apple stuff we all got some time to get things in order for the change. With the Nintendo they gave no time no heads up.


Literally has NOT always been this way. This just happened today.