Selling Nintendo Products


Actually take that back, it says in one place that they are available, but when I go to my FBA inventory they do now show up


Apparently Amazon states they make a mistake on the Nintendo listings

Amazon blames error for blocking Nintendo reseller from listing products

Best if everyone read this article, there is more to come with the Feds vs Amazon and anti trust in US, as in EU


We had hundreds of Nintendo product listings that were affected/deleted by this “error”. Is there any way to “bulk fix” this without spending hours relisting everything one by one?


I am going through each system one at a time, I had some that looks like Amazon relisted and others that were gone and needed to be checked individually, this will probably take weeks to get sorted out for us


Don’t you also have to provide an invoice of a ‘bulk listing’ or ‘bulk purchase’ of the same game? Isn’t one of the requirements like a bulk of 10 or 15? None of the
is requirements make any sense to me either. It would be okay to have one or two out of four or five but all four or five? I pick up Nintendo games from yard sales. Am I supposed to ask for a receipt? Lol

Usually if I come across something I can’t list I’ll find or try to find an alternate listing on Amazon. Meaning another listing someone else made. Sometimes even a repro listing…I’ll make it cheaper which oddly enough some of the new repros are 2-4 times more expensive than the actual authentic game itself. And in my description the very first word it is “Authentic”!

If I come across the listing that I’m blocked on & or doesn’t have any alternate other listings then I normally just sell it on Mecari. That’s been pretty helpful for me.


Aside from the obvious “item must match the listing exactly” issue, at the point there is an actual crackdown on those “repro” listings, you don’t want to have an offer on those pages. You should close the listings and delete them from your inventory entirely. If you can’t list it under the authentic game’s catalog page, don’t sell it on Amazon. It’s your business, but eventually those selling fakes will get shut down for IP violations or selling counterfeits, and you don’t want to be collateral damage on one of those listings. Nintendo is fiercely protective of its brands.


I used your method and it worked for about 80% of my Nintendo listings. For the other 20% they are still showing up as inactive. I have changed the price by a few cents so there is an actual change but to no avail. Any ideas? Do you accept red or green mushrooms as payment?


let’s say I am a Trumper, as you say, wouldn’t I take the side of the big bully corporations?

I not saying they cannot pick and chose their buyers, but whether public or private, the laws apply to both. And there is also legal recourse for account closure without valid reasons. Might take a boatload of attorneys, but the laws are there.

However, blocking sales at the request of the manufacturer is copyright bullying, that is against the law!

Also, it sounds like you have a problem with the constitution? Too sad!!!


Can someone tell me why I am still allowed to sell all my Nintendo games such as the one below


What is so special about this Nintendo game?


Because you didn’t read the last few posts immediately above yours

So, my Nintendo listings did not get automatically reinstated, but considering my seller account is completely fubar at this point, I am not surprised.


I am confused

Can you explain? I still have my intendo games active on amazon. But i have no invoices. Would i be in trouble?


I was led to believe that this was an error and that Amazon has fixed it, but I still cannot list Nintendo branded items. Furthermore, there’s no way to apply for approval, as apparently it’s not being accepted at this time. Can someone help with that?


Same, been waiting for it myself, prices will be dropping some on eBay now because of this cockold


It should be illegal? that you can sell others peoples named products?


wont stop with Nintendo.

like stated, wait until you get told your not allowed to sell that car you bought.


So is it not allowed anymore for individuals to sell nintendo stuff? I have two brand new limited edition switch and i cant get permission to sell them here


Can’t sell them as new, as you don’t have invoices anyways.


I have invoice from the store i bought them. you think that would be enough? I know im not a store to sell directly from nintendo but isnt there some option to try to sell it as used?(even though they are unopened)


That’s a receipt, not an invoice. You will need to find another site to sell it on.


I understand, thanks a lot!