Selling in Canada and Mexico just got easier


Would this be a whole different account essentially when it comes to PPC or will US advertising automatically flow over to CA and MX? Sorry if this is a Noob question. Thanks!


It means that it just got easier for Amazon to make money, both off of the buyers as well as the sellers.
I would have thought that was obvious!



I used to sell items to Canada. The reason I stopped? I opened a new bank account specifically for my Amazon sales. I transferred all of my US transactions to the new account no problem. When I transferred my Canada sales to the same account, Amazon had a breakdown and told me I wasn’t me and my account had been phished. I changed my password 2 times in the same day before I figured out it was my Canadian sales that were causing the problem. I still have $22 stuck in my Canada sales that I am scared to try to collect for fear of it happening again.


Now if they can solve the issue of .mx tax invoices requested by buyers when they buy from us through this program.


Do they go back to Canada FBA or US FBA?


I’ve been in the Beta for quite a while, and haven’t seen traction with it. They might account for maybe 1% of my sales.

The other issue is that it is separate payments, so now instead of getting a payment every 2 weeks, I get 3 payments (on the same day) every 2 weeks.

I was told that returns weren’t charged back to the seller (and maybe they weren’t originally), but I got a negative payout last week. I haven’t looked at the details, but I suspect it was a return.


Read policy carefuly.

How do I get paid?

You can assign your existing charge and deposit methods to Canada and Mexico. If you want to use a different method for either marketplace, contact Seller Support to alert them that you are making this change. This can help avoid any disruption in your account that could be caused by our fraud protection mechanisms. Also, you can have the proceeds from sales in Canada and Mexico deposited into your US bank using the [Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers]


right on

labeling requirements and Canadian taxes remain unchanged obstacles


I’m really glad that Amazon has that warning now. This bit me when I updated my deposit account. They locked my entire North America account and I lost out on a few days of sales while it got sorted out.


Well sorry to hear that.
I just started this remote fba program and started to use my usa deposit bank accounts directly for , i could actually open an extra account for CAD but at the moment i just choosed deposit by US account lets see what will happen


As a US seller , i was so lazy to check regulations for mexico and canada ,
after this oppurtunity i started this program directly.
I have no idea how many % will increase my sales but for sure it will effect somehow .
I hope practically will work good lets hope.


Customer returns will be sent back to the US and are subject to the FBA customer returns policy. The FBA return processing fee will apply in categories for which Amazon offers free return shipping:

  • Apparel
  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes, handbags, and sunglasses
  • Luggage

For more information, visit Returns processing fee.


How can we get an answer to this?


Different accout. The ad must be run in the CA or Mx


I get the following errors. However, my product already has a listing in Canada set up by third-party drop-shippers.

  • Product does not meet program risk requirements. No further action necessary.
  • Import restriction
  • Product is not eligible for export through Remote Fulfillment

This is for a normal, low-risk product. The Canada drop-shippers triple my price and make a bad customer experience. What is the best way for me to appeal the restrictions?


I figured there was little to lose and much to gain, so signed up today. 88 out of 142 FBA items were approved and are up for sale now, and I got the buy box for 87 of them. Hard to believe that things we are selling FBA for USD$9.99 the lowest seller in Canada was CAD$31.67. Their price came down to CAD$29 something when our listing hit, so that must be the bottom of their range for auto pricing.


I believe that is Build International Listings?

I am probably incorrect though


Did everyone not have this or are they just now promoting it?


This is definitely the best news in past months. Yet they have import or export limit on some category. I have some camera & photo products that are all limited; 3C products like cables or accessories are OK. Hope they can get more categories eligible soon.


How about the product label?