Selling in Canada and Mexico just got easier


Consumables would fall under “Restricted Products” and therefore not eligible for the Remote Fulfillment program, I believe.

Snip from the eligibility page:

The following product types are not eligible:


This is a poorly run program.

We had translation issues with products where the team fundamentally changed relevant descriptions. Amazon acknowledges their error but they will not remove negative feedback. (they translated Verizon locked to unlocked devices on dozens of listings).

They promise you will receive performance notifications and other important correspondence in english, but that turned out not to be true. When we tried to use Google translate the messages were gibberish. We even had our bilingual employees read the notices and they agreed the messages did not make sense.

They offered an account manager. He was helpful at first but has now ghosted completely.

Very poorly run program.


read about seller fulfilled global orders return policy.

who is responsible for the return shipping cost, and requirement.


Will they ever make this offer for fulfilled by merchant?


Will Amazon still be collecting taxes on the sellers behalf?


I bought from Amazon UK and they charged me sales tax for a delivery to Georgia…Then they sent the incorrect items and I had to pay return shipping which they said they would reimburse "up to $20.00, but the return shipping was $61.75. I am still going to fight them over this and demand full re-payment…



Excellent news, I am starting my e-commerce with Amazon and I would love to expand the reach of my products outside the US borders.

Thank you very much for help us to grow our business!


Good point. With the ‘bay global shipping sellers can opt out on returns all together or have the buyer pay if they choose to send items back. It works well, so much better (and safer) sending our orders to them to handle outside of the US. I’m really surprised Amazon didn’t do it first.


PSA: Amazon bills the “seller” a Currency Transaction Fee on top of all the regular fees. Be sure that you know what you are paying for.


The site information says:

While enrolled in the program, you will not be able to add seller-fulfilled offers to FBA SKUs. You can, however, maintain seller-fulfilled offers for the same items using separate SKUs. If you have any existing SKUs with both FBA and seller-fulfilled offers, the seller-fulfilled inventory will be set to zero when you enroll in Remote Fulfillment.

When they say this, are they blocking Seller Fulfillment for products with the same SKU being sold on the USA side? Or does it only apply if I wanted to list a SF product on the Canadian side? I don’t want to list myself on the Canadian side, I am just concerned that joining this somehow zeroes out my USA SF SKUs. Maybe I am over-thinking this. I guess if the FBA inventory runs down to zero, at somepoint, the listing will just repopulate as SF, but USA only, right?


Who pays for return shipping when buyer wants to return?


Customers pay sales tax above and beyond your price now for domestic orders. This is the same idea; it’s going to be higher since it’s crossing international borders.


Does this create any income tax obligations in either country or VAT issues? Will Amazon keep the inventory stored in the U.S. so that we’re not selling goods in Canada that were shipped from Canada? Who is considered the importer of record? (I don’t mind if it’s Amazon or the customer–I just don’t want it to be me!)

I’m thinking about the issues with European countries like France that wanted to go after Amazon sellers for income tax and other obligations for selling to French customers. Where the goods are shipped from often matters.


does this require me to have a valid Mexican or Canadian Bank account, or can I continue using my current U.S. banking info for international orders?


If you’re a new seller, I’d be very careful and do my research regarding this. There are sellers in this very thread that have had some issues with this program. This platform can be very unforgiving when mistakes are made, even when the mistakes are not always the sellers fault or in their control. Best of luck to you! I hope your Amazon store is highly successful :slight_smile:


Have you found you have any additional tax implications by selling this way to Canada or Mexico? Like VAT we have to collect and pay for the UK?


I am confused by this as well. Do they mean SKU or FNKSU? We have multiple products that are fulfilled both via FBA and MF which have individual FNSKU even though it is the same ASIN. We would not want our FNSKU that are MF deactivated just to have the FBA versions enabled for Canada and Mexico. Ever since March of this year our MF volume has been much, much higher and shipping has been more reliable when Merchant Fulfilled.


I believe they take the import duties out of the sellers cost. So you need to build the import duties into the cost of the item.


All this means to me is that Amazon has expanded a dubious program.

If FBA were reliable, this would be great news. I would genuinely appreciate the border/customs problems becoming transparent.

But until Amazon can store my stuff without damaging it, or losing it, I’m going to pass.

Jeff: Fix the FBA problems before you expand it.


any update to the hassle free b(full of fraud) return policy ?
and hefty fulfilment fees not being reimbursed ?
what about the import fees ? in case of a return - who will take that hit ?
so please explain meaning of just got “easier”