Selling in Canada and Mexico just got easier


To simplify cross-border selling, we’ve created a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program that lets you fulfill orders in Canada and Mexico with your US FBA inventory. Remote Fulfillment with FBA saves you the trouble of managing multi-country inventory, cross-border logistics, and import duties.

After you create offers in Canada and Mexico, we make them Prime eligible and fulfill orders to customers in those countries.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Any offer you create on or automatically pulls from your US inventory, unless the item is already in a fulfillment center in Canada or Mexico. We’ll let you know which ASINs are eligible.
  2. Customers pay import duties as part of the purchase price.
  3. Amazon ships your orders directly to customers in Canada and Mexico.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to expand internationally. To enroll in the program, go to Remote Fulfillment with FBA. For more information, including details on additional fees, visit our Help page.

If you are not an FBA seller, you can find information and sign up by visiting Help grow your business with Fulfillment by Amazon.


Very interested, but wondering about labeling requirements and restrictions, for human and animal consumables.


We’ve been a using this for some time. Was it just invite only before or something?


Customers pay import duties as part of the purchase price?

So if they buy on & and in those countries THEY PAY??

That would not make me a happy buyer


How has it been working out for you?


That is how it works on nearly every site that ships internationally. The seller doesn’t pay import fees, the customer does. There is a notice on the page alerting the customer the item is shipping from the US and import fees may apply (see screenshot of one of our listings)


If you’re already doing well with regular US FBA, I’d recommend checking it out. Can always turn it off if it doesn’t pan out.


A few notes about this program… you are charged higher fulfillment fees. Depending on what you sell only a small fraction might be eligible. Out of 500 skus we have maybe 100 eligible for CA and 15 eligible for MX. Even then your inventory has to be in a FC that works with this program which will further limit what is available. Other than that it’s just extra sales and no issues that I have come across after a few months in this program.


What about accounting issues Taxes or Vat things?


Imagine how much more your quarterly earrings could be if you also expedited seller fulfilled orders globally in this way from the .com
Just a thought :nerd_face:


Wouldn’t it be easier for amazon to just extend INR coverage for Canada and Mexico when item is shipped within stated time? They wrap it with FBA so they can garner more money…nothing really for the seller noly for amazon!


It seems this is not available to oversized products. is that true?



  1. Cost difference in FBA fees?
  2. Are returns handled the same way as US FBA? Are we charged for return shipping to FBA?
  3. With the Inventory being warehoused from US, how quickly does quantity get deducted from .com if a .ca or .mx order comes through? Instantly, or is there a possibility of overselling that we’d somehow be responsible for?

  1. Click on the help page in the original post. There is a link there with all the fees
  2. Returns go back to FBA and handled like usual. You will still be out the FBA fee and the refund fee just like regular FBA
  3. They get deducted in real time and if there is an inventory issue Amazon would just cancel the buyers order like usual.


What does this mean?

This selling account cannot enroll in Remote Fulfillment with FBA because:

  • Your account was enrolled, but no offers were created


As a seller of long tail mdse, I find that FBA does not work well for me. Also, when I ship myself, I find that the delivery issues to Mexico are too common. I gave up on both of those markets for all intent and purpose.

  1. Are we exempted from the requirement to have a location in those countries to handle the returns?
  2. And if the returns do in fact get sent back to the US, how much extra will it cost?
  3. Are we covered if (no, WHEN) buyers leave negs because of the import duties that (no matter how clear it’s made on the order page) they are unaware of?


It was invite only. Despite amazon recruiting us for international all the time I didn’t get invite.
If you don’t mind me asking have you seen a sales increase? If so what %? how much higher can you list things on other marketplaces? Finally, any other important things to keep in mind?


Any requirements to setup taxes, business license, etc. in Canada and Mexico?


if you are worried about import fees just lower your price and absorb the fees for them.