Selling Globally


I just opened my store yesterday and do not want to sell globally. I have not linked the accounts but I don’t want to be charged each countries fee. You can never get a straight answer when you call seller support. How do I only sell in the US market?


Put all other marketplaces on vacation - and leave it permanently.
Settings - Accounts - [left upper side of the screen] —


When you’re setting up seller account for the first time, it gives you option to choose the marketplace you want to sell on. It’s most likely you will be selling on US marketplace, unless you also signed up to sell on all other marketplaces(CA, AU, GER etc)


If you put your accounts on vacation, do you still pay monthly fees?




We do not currently use FBA to sell our product. Amazon is now offering global sales where they purchase your product and sell it. This seems like a great idea! But can we continue our american sales like we have been without FBA?